I have already written about unlocking of Huawei LTE CPE B593u-91 (B593) MOBILY Saudi Arabia. Earlier, it was available in the market with un-customized firmware, means unlocking was easy, with the only unlock code. But, new Huawei routers still carry model no. B593u-91 but Mobily has changed the UI of the device and no one is able to unlock it because there is no place to enter the unlock code.

However, unlocking can be achieved by a firmware upgrade (download link is provided at the end of the article), which is risky, however, it is tested and working with Huawei B593u-91 of Mobily carrier.

B593U-91 mobily firmware unlockHow to flash the firmware of Huawei B593u-91 Mobily customized WiFi MiFi router?

  1. Reset the device.
  2. Plug the device to PC with an original LAN cable.
  3. Browse the default IP, through default internet explorer of Windows PC.
  4. Now, login into the device with default ID and password of admin.
  5. Go to System.
  6. Click Upgrade.
  7. Now, you will see “upgrade file” option in the middle.
  8. Browse and select the downloaded zip file.
  9. Now, click on Upgrade, from the right side (as described in the image).
  10. Wait for the successful result.

Now, you have 10 unlock attempts left on your device, to enter the code, and unlocking.

Huawei B593U-91 Mobily unlocking screen

How to unlock Huawei B593u-91 Mobily customized WiFi MiFi router?

The image is self-explanatory. Login to the router – General Settings – SIM Lock and enter the unlock code.

Update: Recent firmware by Mobily does not allow to change the firmware of Huawei B593u-91. So, you have to go to recovery mode, then unlocking is possible.

  1. Disconnect LAN Cable from PC, shut down the B593, remove SIM card and turn on it normally.

2. Press and Hold the WPS + RESET + WLAN at the same time for approx 25 seconds.

3. Wait till all LED lights are flashing and continuous blinking, then quickly release the WPS + RESET + WLAN.

Note: If the WPS LED light is not Blinking, you need to repeat the steps from 1 to 3.

4. While blinking WPS led light, connect the router to PC / Laptop.

5. Now run B593u router upgrade tool (download link is provided at the end of the post).

Huawei B593 router firmware change

5. Choose Network card of the router and select “Modem&Router”.

6. Click Open and select the path of the firmware, which you have downloaded.

7. Press Start button.

Note: Don’t close the B593u upgrade tool, turn OFF and ON quickly to Huawei B593u. Now you will see all LED light is turning off and wait for the Signal LED light from 1 to 5 is on.

Note: Wait for 3 mins and all the 5 bar Signal LED light is fully ON.

8. After the 5 signal bars are fully on, press STOP and Close the B593u upgrade tool.

9. Now, open the browser and browse for

10. Your firmware has been crashed and it will be in recovery mode.

B593u recovery

11. You will see here “recover” button.


12. Click on “recover” and wait until 100%.

13. After 100% recovery, B593u will be rebooted normally.

Note: If you cannot access the recovery page, then clear the history, cookies etc of PC using CCleaner or any program. Then again try to browse for the

14. After successful recovery of the device, log into using admin/admin.

B593 Login

Note: You have now unbranded B593 router. Now you can unlock it as usual with correct unlock code.

Note: Unlock code is not free, you need to place an order at routerunlock.com. While paying mention model and IMEI in the transaction. Unlock code / SIMLock code will be emailed.

Order SIM Unlock Code of Huawei B593u-91

Download Huawei B593u-91 router firmware B593u-91.tar.bz2

Download Huawei B593u Firmware Upgrade Tool

Download Firmware Huawei B593u-91 V55 with Antenna Support

Credits: A big thanks to Dala Tug for this solution.


  1. Orlando, can u please tell what did u do to make it successful? I have same problem as yours.. thank you!

    • thanx Randolf for reply, first of all i downloaded firmware and tool from the given links and i did not extract as per mention in above comments after that i put my huawei b593u-91 to recovery mode by pressing wps+reset+wlan and my device wps led is blinking now and i connected device to pc with lan but when i open path it shows an error “archives no found ” file verfication failed . i tried 3 systems but unfortunatey same prob plz guide me how u got rid from this problem when u were facing this problem.thanx in advance dear it is a very nice and kind plateform also thanx for kamlesh bro.

      • Hi, i got same error, but i found the solution, This error comes because the version which i used in my windows 10 machine, not supported, so i tried on windows 7 OS with old winrar version, then it accept the file and update it successfully. Try it. Best of luck

        • It is possible to solve that error on Windows 10.

          Note that the point of this exercise is to “Bring the Device” in “Recovery” mode and not to upgrade the Firmware just yet.

          So just unzip the .bz2 (firmware) file and then you’ll be another file named “B593.trx”.

          Now in the Upgrade Tool, select the “Policy” as “Router” and Open the “B593.trx” file. This time the tool will give no errors. Press “Start” on the upgrade tool and continue as instructed on this web-page.

          This will definitely get the B593u-91 device in the “Recovery” mode.

          Still need help? Search for PC HELP on Google or Facebook and contact us. We are located in Jeddah / Saudi Arabia and can assist in unlocking any Router.

  2. hello bai , i downloaded already both files and i turn off and on router then i press wps+reset+wlan and its blinking . after i open upgrade tool i give all settings then i start then i turn off and turn on my router . after first signal came and second signal also came after 1 min the second signal blinking only not moving third. it is still blinking wht happened i dnt know pls help me

  3. bhai mere pass Qdc router hy mai is ko unlock kiya but firmware wrong update ho giya hy ab router na tu power stable kar raha or na gateway login. please assist what i can do now?


  4. Hi Sir,
    i check this but canot working when open file path and select file B593u-91.tar.bz2 its say “no archive found’ error coming can u help plz


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