MTS Russia locked Huawei E5785 (Huawei E5785LH-22C) router can be unlocked free at routerunlock. We have already provided lots of free unlocking solution without boot shot. Unlocking of MTS Russia Huawei E5785LH-22C involves boot shot, but it does not erase NV hash code. We have personally tested with firmware version It is a totally safe solution, means your device NV RAM will be not erased during this process.

To unlock the device, you have to open the physical screws of the device, you can see the below images for reference:

How to Unlock Huawei E5785LH-22C (MTS Russia) Firmware [FREE]?

1. Download the Huawei E5785Lh-22c (MTS Russia) unlocking file (free).

2. Extract it using WinRAR software on your PC.

3. Run the file with the name of Loader.

4. It will generate the hardware ID.

5. Copy the hardware ID and paste in comment box, along with model, IMEI, and country.

6. Our team will reply with registration name and key.

7. Now dismantle the device as shown in above image.

8. With a twizzer or metal, touch and hold both points (Refer above image).

9. Now connect to PC.

10. You will hear a sound and will see something is installing your PC (You can see on the right sidebar of your PC screen) (It will create single Huawei COM port in Device Manager).

11. Now run the Loader file again.

12. Fill the required information, which you have got in comment box.

13. Click Register.

14. The file will be processed automatically and again you will see something is installing on your PC.

15. Wait for 2 minutes to finish (You will see some COM ports will be available in device manager, refer below image).

16. Now run the first firmware file.

17. Now update the WebUI (Available in the same folder).

18. Once you will run the WebUI, it will prompt for datalock code.

19. Enter 0000000000000000 and proceed with Next.

20. Once it is completed, again boot shot the device, run the loader file, then run the second firmware file.

Once the second file is completed successfully, your Huawei E5785LH-22C (MTS Russia) (Firmware will be unlocked permanently and free of cost, to use with all network provider sim cards.


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