Just a few days ago Microsoft has released it new operating system, the Windows 10. It is in technical previews (Beta) stage and can be downloaded from the the link after registering.

In Microsoft Windows 10 OS, apart from the new and improved Start menu, there are plenty of new features and improvements has been done and expected to final launch in the first quarter of 2015.

Windows 10 Technical Preview Quick Guide PDF

Want to test the Windows 10 then you can install it in Virtual PC, since it is not in final stage and your personal data may be lost.

In Windows 10, Microsoft is back with variant new features and some new enhancements. In Windows 10 you will get back Windows 7 like start menu back. You can also open the Start menu by pressing the Start button located on your keyboard or device.

In start of Windows 10, power option has been added to sleep, shut down or restart your device.

On the left side of the Start menu, you’ll find quick links to PC settings, Documents and File Explorer at the top. The section just below that lists your most recently used apps and programs. If you see an arrow next to a program, move your mouse over it to see a list of your recently used files for that program.

The Microsoft has also enhanced the Start Screen. If you prefer the larger Start screen from Windows 8, you have the option to replace the Start menu in Tech Preview.

In Windows 10 one unique feature has added, the Multiple desktops. If you’re working on a lot of different projects, using different apps and programs, try adding a desktop. It’ll keep things neatly organized for you. Or, create a desktop for the things you do at work and one for the things you do at home.

Download Windows 10 Technical Preview Quick Guide PDF


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