Download E5573S-606 Huawei Original Firmware (Airtel India)
Download E5573S-606 Huawei Original Firmware (Airtel India)
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Download E5573S-606 Huawei Original Firmware (Airtel India)

Author:Kamlesh Kumar
Platforms:Windows 8
Date:February 23, 2016

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Huawei E5573


  1. Hi,
    I have unlocked airtel 5573-606, dashboard is Huawei and its missing USSD code, and also no option to select 2G /3G /4G only option in network management.

    If i flash this firmware will i lock the device?

    Please suggest.

  2. i rooted my airtel 4g e5573s-606 hotspot .after rooting hotspot is not working and no wifi is found and no ethernet conniction in pc (something happen) no login to hotspot nty ……so to come to its original type what should i do send me a lnk

  3. I used boot shot method for my E5573s-606 router with 21.315.x.x ,after 21.180.x.x update COM ports are vanished and lights are on continuously( not blinking ).I want lock it with original 21.315.x.x firmware.Where can i have it? or is there any way to unlock my router?

  4. I want reinstall airtel 4g hotspot original firmware. pls tell me the pin for this device.
    Model- E5573s-606 IMEI-866079022788951

  5. hi sir huwaei e5573s-606 and i am going update firm ware and my modem is all ready uncolcked. is firm ware ko update kar ne bad modem fir se lock ho jayega kya

  6. imei. 866079025343614
    Model. E5573s 606
    Pls help me to ulock this device
    Any software available pls sent to me as attachment to my email

  7. Hello kamlesh sir, i have an unlocked e5573s606 running on , kindly guide me whether there is any other firmware upgrage for this device, if yes then which version n what are the features, and if i upgrade to that version will it ruin my unlock?

  8. my hotspot is not shown WiFi connection on mobile when insert sim card.without sim card the WiFi is showing perfectly.hotspot is already unclocked me

  9. Hi …in my Airtel E5573S-606 a strange problem occur its autoboot and blink both lights without sim it is open but with sim both light blink and boot again and again not detect on pc too its unlocked but now not working can you help what i do ??

  10. hey…. in my airtel E5573s-606 there is a strange problem its autobooting and blinking both lights, and boot again and again detected on pc and its unlocked…. but no wifi is shown and also unable to use internet with it on internet… can you help me with it please…??

  11. Hi friends i have unlocked my Airtel huawei e5573s-606 Successfully and used idea and JIO sim cards and it worked fine, but now the problem is i am not able to Login to wifi or router administrator page because i forgot both login details. so, i want to flash the device using USB Balong tool. here NV RAM of my device is corrupted. can any body help me to write NVRAM details to my device

  12. Hi my name is ishaan i tried to unlock my airtel 4g hotspot E5573 8CF5 [ROOT] BUT my hotspot failed and now the green lights are not blinking no internet,no connection, no dection, no action only when i on the hotspot lights are on and no oher thing what shill i don plees send a soloution on my email or this website
    my IMEI IS 866079020817984 MODEL E5573s 606 what shill i do

  13. i am using airtel 4g (huawei E5573-606) it was working properly but recently something happens now it keep blinking both leds and even not discovereable in pc i install firmware again but the problem is not resolved, if i remove sim then it behave normally and even discoverable by mobile and access is allowed to main page but when i put sim in it, problem resumed again blinking lights nothing else.

  14. Hello Sir. I have a Idea 4G (HUAWEI E5573s-606) unlocked device. It is creating hotspot and connecting as an ethernet connection when it has no sim card entered. But when i enter any sim card it does not creating hotspot and does not working as a ethernet connection. I tried to reset it both from the PC and the physical reset button but its not getting reset. Please help sir.
    Can i flash this with a stock ROM and then unlock it ? Will it work? or my sim slot is defected??
    IMEI- 866079028056080
    Model- E5573s-606
    Sir, please suggest me which firmware i should install and please advice me how to do this.
    If available, please give any links.


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