I have earlier shared details about Huawei E5377, which is available in Romania through Orange network.

Today, I have unlocked one device successfully, which was locked to Ooredoo network in Kuwait. Unlocking is the one-time job and after unlocking the device, you can use any another network provider SIM, as well as default SIM.

Currently, sub-models Huawei E5377Bs-605 and E5377s-32 are also available in various countries. Optus of Australia is also providing this device, dubbed as Huawei E5377 WiFi modem.

How long we need to wait for a Huawei unlock code?

The approximate delivery time for a Huawei unlock code is 10 minutes to 8 hrs.

The average response time for a Huawei unlock code is 30 minutes (based on last 100 orders).

How to Unlock Huawei E5377 Mobile WiFi Router?

1. Make sure your Huawei E5377 Mobile WiFi router is fully charged.

2. Just insert a nonacceptable Network SIM card on your Huawei E5377 MiFi router (You have to use another network provider sim, which is currently locked to).

3. After changing another network providers SIM on your Huawei WiFi / MiFi, switch on it. It will display “Invalid SIM” because you have used another network providers SIM.

4. Now just establish a WiFi connection to Huawei E5377 mobile WiFi router to PC / IPAD / iPhone / Android device.

5. Connect the device to PC and login to the device’s dashboard at Go to Advanced Settings – SIM Settings – Unlock Device – Enter Unlock Code – Click on Apply. (Note: IP address may be different for your device. Default admin password will be password or admin).

Unlock Huawei E5377 Mobile WiFi Router


Open the Settings – Dial-up – Unlock SIM card – Enter 8 digits unlock code in your Huawei E5377 router. Click OK and the device will reboot to display the new network.

Now your Huawei E5377 Mobile WiFi Router is unlocked forever.

Note: Don’t try to insert any free/wrong codes into your Huawei E5377 WiFi router, otherwise it will be locked permanently.

Update: Huawei E5377Ts-32 is also available in Bahrain through STC carrier, which runs on hardware version: CL1E5377SM, firmware version: 21.303.05.00.632 and Web UI version: It has uncustomized firmware and can be unlocked with correct SIMlock code.


  1. How to Unlock Huawei E5377 Mobile WiFi Router to use Another use .my wifi use only 2user how can i add Another user?

  2. Sir I need your Help when i got my device E53377s-32 and unlock with buy a code.
    Device name : E5377s-32
    Software version :

    after unlocking my device i update Software version: and my device is now in stuck mode. Right now i dont have Software

    Sir i am very scared about my device. i have Huawei_E5377_Firmware_21. but i dont know how to install .dgtks file.

    Please sir help me ass soon as possible. Thanks….

  3. How can I enable Huawei Mobile Connect 3G PC interface and Application Interface ports in device manager, so I could use MDMA network monitoring (and simillar software), like I use on my E5372? Or way to switch project mode or something…

    I am willing to pay for firmware or permanent solution. Email me if you have solution.

  4. E5372 can be used with MDMA tool because I can see 3G PC Interface and Application ports. On E5377 I only see Communication port.

    Do you know how I can decompile webui .exe file so I can change logos etc?

  5. Hi there I have my unlock code which was given to me by the mobile service provider, however after i enter the code its asking me for a Username and Password
    I have tried admin and password but its not working… any ideas?

  6. Hi, it would appear that my E5377s-32 is unlocked already (Orange Spain).

    However, it seems like USB is dead and is not recognized by my PC.

    Any suggestions I can try, please?


  7. Hi, I purchased a used E5377s-32 and tried to connect the device with PC and login to the device’s dashboard at The interface is showing following message.

    “This device is network locked.”

    What it mean? Is the seller tried to unlock it before selling it to me and entered 10 wrong codes?

    Is there any way to unlock it now?


  8. Hi,I have Huawei e5377 mobile wi-fi.I can’t to login with the username password admin.I forget my username and password.How can i find my user name and password.please help me.

  9. Hello, I have Huawei E5377s-32 router. My device when I switch on – continuous power down and back on again, after a few times on the screen appears – installing. What has happened, router no longer works 🙁
    Please help me! Thanks!

  10. hi sir the model e5377ts-32 says no service. what does this mean?
    it seems it is open line and unlocked because it can detect the sim network apn.
    any advice?
    how to flash the firmware? whenever i run the firmware updater it says cannot find port. please help urgently.

    • It is correct, after that you will get two COM ports in device manager, it will be in yellow color. Install Huawei mobile partner for drivers. Then update the firmware again.

  11. Can i kindly get a universal firmware version: 21.303.05.00.1209 link to download? Its for the E5377s-32.. thank you


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