Maximum models of Alcatel brand can be unlocked with unlock code itself. If you are an owner of Alcatel X230L one touch USB modem then you unlock this modem with unlock code.

Unlocking is simple as step by step guide is mentioned below:

How to Unlock Alcatel One Touch X230L MODEM?

1. Insert a non-acceptable SIM card (other than default SIM card) in your Alcatel X230L modem.

2. After that connect your Alcatel modem to computer/laptop.

3. Now the software/dashboard/connection manager of your modem will be opened.

4. It will show a box to enter an unlock code (NCK) in your modem.

5. Place an order for the unlock code of Alcatel X230L dongle at

6. Enter the unlock code in the NCK box.

7. Click Apply/OK.

8. Now your modem will be unlocked forever.

9. Now you can put any network SIM card on your modem and enjoy the surfing of internet.

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Order SIM Unlock Code of Alcatel X230L



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