Every person is aware about Wi-Fi, and most of us like to get internet connection through Wi-Fi. Since, WiFi is easy to use and one can share the internet connection with another people easily, so, its popularity is increasing day-by-day.

Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector is a freeware utility, designed for monitoring Wi-Fi networks and managing the Wi-Fi operation of a laptop. It works well with Windows 7, Vista, or XP operating system and the Wi-Fi Inspector provides detailed information about available Wi-Fi networks. Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector help you to easily manage the laptop’s Wi-Fi connection as well as help you to troubleshoot Wi-Fi connectivity issues. It also provides a useful tool for anyone deploying and operating Wi-Fi.

Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector

The Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector can be used for a number of applications :

  1. Searching for Wi-Fi networks
  2. Troubleshooting Wi-Fi connectivity issues
  3. Verifying Wi-Fi coverage (site survey)
  4. Managing a laptop’s Wi-Fi connection
  5. Locating Wi-Fi devices
  6. Detecting rogue APs
  7. Verifying AP settings
  8. Aiming Wi-Fi antennas
  9. Wi-Fi Education

The main features of Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector :

  1. Dynamic radar view displaying local Wi-Fi network names and relative distance
  2. Detailed information table of all local Wi-Fi networks
  3. Display of laptop’s Wi-Fi connection details and most important network addresses
  4. Connection, Quality, and Speed tests for troubleshooting the Wi-Fi network connection
  5. Real-time graph of signal strength of one or more Wi-Fi networks with 8 minute history
  6. Locate mode for tracking Wi-Fi network signal strength, including audible beep
  7. Export Wi-Fi networks to .csv file
  8. Directly Connect/Disconnect to Wi-Fi networks
  9. Option to Enable/Disable Wi-Fi adapter (Windows 7 and Vista only)
  10. Integrated glossary of Wi-Fi terms

Download Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector version 1.2.1 Free (Latest Version)


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