Windows operating system comes with a built-in installer that is used for installing or uninstalling unnecessary software from the PC. One can also install or uninstall programs in Safe Mode in Windows 10 / 8 / 7 without the help of a third party tool.

Any UninstallerGeek UninstallerBulk Crap Uninstaller, and IObit Uninstaller are a few freeware app that makes uninstalling process easy.

Wise Program Uninstaller is another free and simple program, which can uninstall the unwanted software from your Windows PC. It comes with some of extra features. It is also portable means there is no installation is required. Just run the tool and start uninstalling the apps from your computer. It is totally clean and there is no crapware and toolbars inside this program.


After installing this freeware too, when you launch it, it will scan your computer and list all the installed software from your PC. It shows the details like the size of program, date of installation and its ratings. It will also let you know the total number of apps installed in your PC and the total space occupied by them.

Unlike the ‘Add or Remove Programs’ feature of Windows, Wise Programs Uninstaller offers two different modes to uninstall an App – Safe Uninstall and Forced Uninstall.


Safe Uninstall is the recommended mode to uninstall any app through Wise Program Uninstaller, as it removes a program without putting your PC at risk. It goes through a set of process and removes all the related files and folders.

On the another hand, the Forced Uninstall removes any software forcefully and may affect the functionality of the related programs. This method is only recommended when a certain stubborn program refuses to uninstall, or giving errors.

Other options you can find here is to “Modify” a program. It is useful when you want to repair an installed program instead of removing it.

Overall, it is a nice piece of software to uninstall a program. There is no technical knowledge is required to use this tool. It is a free and comes with a user-friendly interface which makes suitable to the new computer users. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Win7/8/10 (both 32-bit and 64-bit). You can download Wise Program Uninstaller from here.


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