Microsoft’s Start Menu Repair / Troubleshooter Tool help you in repairing of Start Menu of Windows 10. Windows USB Troubleshooter is a tool from Microsoft to fix USB audio, storage, and print devices problems. Windows Software Repair Tool is another small app from Microsoft that that will help you fix Windows 10 problems and issues.

The Windows Software Repair Tool is available from Microsoft servers as a stand-alone application that will automate the task of running a few commands.


After download, this freeware tool, run it and accept the licensing agreement. One you do this, click on the Proceed to scan and fix button. You will then see the above screen.

Software Repair Tool of Windows 10 does the following Windows troubleshooting tasks:

  1. Creates a system restore point
  2. Repair system components and detect corrupt files by running the system file checker
  3. Resync System date and Time
  4. Reset System Settings
  5. Reinstall System Applications
  6. Run the DISM Tool to restore Component Store health, Restore System health
  7. Repair System Corruption
  8. Update the system by running Windows Update
  9. Perform jobs and restart your computer

The tool has been released for Surface devices but still works on all Windows 10 PCs. You can download the softwarerepairtool.exe file from here.


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