Wholesale Unlocking

Those who want to run the unlocking business, for them there is a good opportunity. Now you can register for retailer account at routerunlock.com. In retailer account, you will get unlock codes in very cheap prices. You can unlock almost all countries phones/modems/routers/gateways / iPhone that may be locked to different carriers.

There are three pricing options available for retailers:

(1) Silver – 20 USD or INR 1400

(2) Gold – 500 USD or INR 35000

(3) Platinum – 1000 USD or INR 70000

If you have less budget, you can start your business with “Silver” plan. Once you will invest/deposit 1000 USD or INR 70000, you will have the cheapest plan.

We maintain a record of one year of retailer account, means you can check your IMEI and corresponding details up to one year.

It is an automatic system, means once you will submit your IMEI of any device, it will automatically go to server and code will be emailed to your inbox. Even if my team will be not available, your orders will be automatically processed. Means, there is no waiting time, and you will not loose your customers.

If any code will be not available on the server, your credits will be automatically added to your account.

Once, you register your account, you can pay by PayPal. Our system will automatically detect the payment and credits will be added to your account.

If you have any question, you can contact us with the details.

Update : Currently registration for wholesale account has been closed.