Recently, I had written about unlocking Vodafone R215 (E5372). I have successfully unlocked various R215 as well as an E5372 router of various countries. Today, I will write my reviews about the 3G Vodafone R208 (which is actually Huawei E5776) and its features as well as its specifications. Vodafone has modified E5776 and named it Vodafone R208. R208 pocket mobile wi-fi MiFi router can also be unlocked.

Vodafone R208 Huawei WiFi MiFi
Vodafone R208 Huawei WiFi MiFi

Vodafone R208 is a new Pocket WiFi hotspot from Vodafone, which supports DC-HSPA+ high-speed network. On the DC-HSPA+ network, it can provide a download speed up to 43 Mbps. It supports a maximum of 10 WiFi-enabled devices, which means you can simultaneously surf the internet on up to 10 Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Because of its small sizes, you can move it anywhere in the world easily.

The key features and specifications of the Vodafone R208 Mobile WiFi router

Form: 3G Pocket WiFi Hotspot

Dimension : 101.8mm x 65.8mm x 14.5 mm

Supported Network :

  • 3G UMTS/DC-HSPA+ 900/2100MHz
  • 2G GSM/GRPS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • DC-HSPA+ Download speeds up to 43Mbps

WiFi: 10 WiFi-enabled devices are supported

Display: OLED

Weight: 150g

As per its specifications, you can see that R208 is a 3G enabled pocket mobile wifi router with and maximum download speed up to 43 Mbps. But, in another size, it supports 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices at a time, which is quite beneficial. So, if you will ask me, I will tell you that you should proceed with Vodafone R215 mobile WiFi router. R215 supports a 4G network, and maximum download speed is up to 150 Mbps, and also supports 10 WiFi-enabled devices.

Additionally, you can download the firmware update of R208. Firmware update instructions will be written in the next post.

Download Pocket WiFi Extreme (R208) Firmware Update (R208MobileWifiFirmware_v6.0.exe)


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