Vodafone has launched a new model in his market, 4G Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi W5101. It is basically Huawei E8278 and can be unlocked also in the same manner. The Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi W5101 allows you to connect to the internet up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices (for example PCs, Laptops, Android devices including tablets and smartphones, Apple iPhone and iPad or mobile gaming devices such as Nintendo DSi) to share a secure mobile internet connection. You can use it in a car with the supplied car adaptor, or when travelling with the supplied travel charger. The W5101 includes a high-speed 4G LTE Mobile Broadband capability and is USB powered (in-car adapter, travel adapter or computer USB connection). W5101 peak download rate is 150 Mbps and can upload the files upto 50 Mbps. Today, I will share its features, specifications, unlocking, and reviews.

Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi W5101
Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi W5101

The key features and specifications of Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi W5101 Router :


  1. Type : Mobile WiFi (USB Hotspot)
  2. Colours : Black
  3. Weight : <50 g
  4. Dimensions : 98×32×14.2mm
  5. Processor : HiSilicon Balong 710
  6. ROM : 256 Mbyte total internal flash
  7. RAM : 128 Mbyte
  8. Speed : Download  150 Mbps /Upload 50 Mbps (on 4G LTE Mode)
  9. Speed on UMTS : Download 42.2/Upload 5.76 Mbps
  10. EDGE : 296/177 Kbps
  11. SD card reader : Max. 32 GB
  12. SIM card form factor : 2FF
  13. Screen Type: LED indicators
  14. Network access : LTE: Tri Band, 800/1800/2600MHz , UMTS: Dual Band, 900/2100MHz , GSM: Quad-band, 850/900/1800/1900
  15. SMS : Yes
  16. WLAN : 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz, WEP + WPA +WPA2
  17. USB Type : USB High Speed 2.0 support


Since, Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot W5101 Router is 4G LTE supported, so you can enjoy it with highest download speed up to 150 Mbps and 50 Mbps upload speed. It is a very nice product and I will recommend to purchase it.


The unlocking solution has not been tested yet, the interested person can leave a comment.


  1. Dear sirs

    After executing the file, it asks to connect the W5101 device to the pc, after connecting the device ,
    its is not recognized, and stays asking to connect a device.
    Any ideas? thank you, best regards, Wim

  2. Hello Sir,

    I tried the Vodafone update file.
    But that is not the way to unlock i think,
    After replacing the network sim
    I tried to get accessto the W5101 by typing up to (/simlock.asp) without any succes. opens the Vodafone dashboard/user interface, even with a sim card of another network operator.
    Before purchasing an unlock code , I need to get access to the device, Any help. would be very appreciated. thank you, best regards, Wim

    • Install Huawei Hilink app from Google app store in any Android phone. Connect the device to phone through WiFi. Login through Huawei Hilink app and check for SIMLock unlock option.

  3. Hello Sir,

    Tried the way you discribed, Samsung mobile phone connected to “VodafoneMobileWifi’ in Hilink App.
    I am connected to Vodafonemobilewifi , no problem
    In screen appears “Device disconnected”and it is not possible to connect to App
    not by scan, because the Vodafone has no viewfinder screen
    not by NFC , because the Vodafonemobile doesn,t have NFC
    tried with and without sim card
    By any chance another idea ?

    Thank you, best regards, Wim

  4. DC – Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.1277

    Detecting modem :

    selection :
    manufacturer – Huawei modems
    model – Auto detect (recommended)

    modem not found !

    DC – Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.1277

    Detecting modem :

    selection :
    manufacturer – Huawei modems
    model – _Unknown Huawei modem_

    Selected Applications port COM1
    Selected Diagnostics port COM1

    modem not found !

    DC – Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.1277

    Detecting modem :

    selection :
    manufacturer – Huawei modems
    model – _Unknown Huawei modem_

    Selected Applications port COM3
    Selected Diagnostics port COM3

    modem not found !

    It,s a shame !

  5. Thanks a lot for your help, keep up to good works !
    it seems to be , Vodafone (Netherlands) doesn,t use any simlock anymore (2014 up)
    the dashboard/user interface works good for Vodafone, but not for any other provider at all
    it,s a bit tricky to get the (unlocked) Vodafone software, to work with a third party (net work provider)
    now i will try to go up for the latest firmware
    may the force will be with me

    Thanks again, Best regards, Wim


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