Xolo has released a new 3G smartphone A500s Lite in India with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Operating System. Now the firm has unveils a new software (firmware) update. However, the company has not mentioned, whether it is kitkat update or just a normal update. The firmware (software) of Xolo A500s Lite can be downloaded from the link which is provided at the end of the article.

Steps to Update the Software (Firmware) of Xolo A500s Lite Smartphone :

1. Download the file from the link to your computer and ensure the file is saved with the name: update.zip (Don’t rename or unzip it).

2. Now connect your Xolo A500s Lite phone with the USB cable to PC. Your computer should beep identifying hardware device has been detected.

3. On the phone USB notification will be appear in the Notification Tray. Pull down the notification bar and select USB Connected.

Xolo A500s Lite - USB Notification – USB connected

4. The green Android Icon will display on the screen. Select Turn on USB storage, and then select OK. The screen displays an orange Android Icon with USB storage in Use. You have successfully activated you phone as Storage Device.

USB Connected

5. The drive now will appear on your computer as an external mass storage device. (In Windows PC, drive appears under “My Computer” and in MACs, drive appears under “Devices” in Finder).

6. Open the Xolo A500s Lite phone memory (mass storage device) and paste the download file in root (root means, it should not be in any folder).

7. Wait for the copy to complete.

8. After completion of copying, from your phone Select: Turn off USB storage.

9. Eject the USB from the PC.

10. Launch ‘XOLO Care’ app from A500s Lite Smartphone.

Launch ‘XOLO Care’ app

11. In ‘UPDATE’ tab, click on ‘Check for software update’.

‘Check for software update

12. Click ‘Check for updates’.

Check for updates

13. Click ‘Continue’.


14. Now your A500s lite will reboot and install the latest update.


Download Xolo A500s Lite software (firmware) update


  1. I lost my boot image, recovery, please upload the firmware of xolo a500s lite, i need it very badly, atleast upload stock recovery


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