Airtel always launches the devices with customized firmware, means if you will change the SIM and connect to PC, you will not get any option to enter a unlock / NCK code. Previously I had also unlocked Airtel 4G E3272s-927 Huawei modem of India, and I had shared it for free. But, this time, the situation is different, it comes with firmware version 21.470.05.02.284 and Airtel Bharati has changed the security of the data-card and people are facing the problem. For those who wish to unlock his new Airtel 4G E3272s-927 Huawei modem can refer this post. However, this time, the solution is paid, not free.

Airtel 4G E3272s-927 Huawei DongleHow to unlock the Airtel 4G E3272s-927 Huawei data card?

  1. Download unlocking firmware of Airtel E3272s-927 Huawei.
  2. Change the default SIM with another network provider SIM card.
  3. Connect the device to PC with USB cable.
  4. Let it install all the drivers and software’s which is required by the dongle.
  5. Disconnect the internet and close the software of modem, if already connected to the internet.
  6. Remove any other device if connected to PC.
  7. Now, unzip the downloaded firmware (it is password protected, the password will be emailed only after receiving the payment, the charge is only Rs. 300).
  8. Run the firmware update.
  9. It will ask you firmware code as password.
  10. Input password (You can generate it from Universal Master Code or comment below with IMEI to get the firmware password).
  11. Wait till finish wizard.
  12. Now, the device is permanently unlocked and will show the network of inserted SIM card.

Note : Inside the device will get auto APN Huawei mobile partner. Means there is no need to create the profile. Just change SIM and connect to the internet.

With the help of my friend Balvinder Singh, we have also managed to unlock Airtel E8231 wingle and MTS EC306 EVDO CDMA modem.

Note : Unlocking charge for E3272 Airtel dongle is Rs. 300, which you can pay through payumoney.


  1. I have Airtel 4G E3272s-927 Huawei data-card. I want to unlock it. Please provide a link for payment and download link of firmware.

  2. I have Airtel 4G E3272s-927 Huawei data-card. I want to unlock. is the unlock guaranteed it will work. Also If I can use airtel and also Jio sim in it (not at the same time obviously) after unlock. Narayanan

  3. I have paid Rs. 300/- for Unlocking charges of Airtel 4 G Model No: E3272s-927 modem. Please send the Unlocking software urgently.

  4. 1. Firmware file was not downloading as yet. three times times downloaded but the same message repeated. Pl send the file again.

    2. Another file like mobile connector downloaded. but this file showing the message burning immage.

    I am facing problems.



    • Use internet download manager to download the file, still problem then download from other PC or download in mobile. Problem with your PC not with my file.

      For mobile connector, extract the file using WinRAR software. You have assigned ISO file to open as burning software, thats’s the reason it is opening with Image Burning software.

  5. I was tried another systems also. But File was not downloading.

    What is the solution.

    If no solution, Please return my money.


  6. Hi,
    I have Airtel 4G E3272s-927 Huawei data-card. I have ran the universal master code generator and got the required credentials and ran the DC-converter. In the message it shows SIM LOCK STATUS : unlocked
    Found modem : E3272
    Model : Huawei E3272
    IMEI : 8626XXXXX62XXX
    Serial NR. : Q9XUY12709002134
    Firmware : 21.470.05.02.284
    Compile date / time : Jan 10 2014 08:58:12
    Hardware ver. : CH2X1272JP
    Dashboard version : UTPS23.
    SIM Lock status : unlocked
    Wrong codes entered : 10 (unlock attempts left : 0)

    Now when i try to connect the datacard with JIO 4G sim instead of Airtel sim, its unable to detect the network and (2) also not able to add Jio APN in the Datacard. Let me know if you can fix it.

  7. Hi Kamlesh My E5573 3 FF1 Does not show up on my system and also Error 10 Port issue comes up. If you coould help me resolve thsi I wil pay your 300 fees for unlocking. Kindly let me know.

  8. As per your instructions step1, where to download the unlocking firmware of Airtel E3272s-927 Huawei?
    Currently my Airtel 4G dongle E3272s-927 is having the firmware 21.470.05.02.284.

  9. 3 am
    I have Vodafone 4g E3372H-607 Huawei data-card. I want to unlock. is the unlock guaranteed it will work. Also If I can use airtel and also Jio sim in it (not at the same time obviously) after unlock

  10. Hello , I broke my Airtel 4g e3272s-927 by running customized firmware..Now its half dead i.e. green light still blinks..Can you help/guide how to restore it back .I will think about unlock once i get that restored

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