You might have noticed that I am focusing more on new gadgets features and specifications so that If any person is planning to purchase a new modem or router, he should know what he is going to get after paying the money. In gadget section, I have covered features and specifications of Huawei E8221 Mobile WiFi Wingle as well as Huawei E8231 Wingle. Now, I can provide the unlock code of both models Huawei E8221 as well as E8231 WiFi Wingle. Both wingles are so nice and it is fit to use at home or small office. In this article, I will mainly cover the unlocking procedure of Huawei E8221 and Huawei E8231 WiFi Wingle. Unlocking of Huawei E8221 and Huawei E8231 WiFi Wingles are so simple that anyone can proceed with unlocking, without any technical knowledge.

Huawei Wingle
Huawei Wingle

How long we need to wait for a Huawei unlock code?

The approximate delivery time for a Huawei unlock code is 10 minutes to 8 hrs.

The average response time for a Huawei unlock code is 30 minutes (based on last 100 orders).

How to unlock Huawei E8221 and Huawei E8231 WiFi Wingle?

1. Connect your E8231 or E8221 Huawei WiFi Wingle to PC and let it install all the drivers and software which is required.

2. Disconnect from the internet (if already connected) and close the software (if any running) as well as Webpage related to your E8231 or E8221 Wingle.

3. Now eject your device from PC.

4. Change the default sim with another network provider sim.

5. Now, again plug your E8231 or E8221 to PC.

6. Now it will ask you unlock code.

7. Put the correct unlock code into your device and click OK.

8. Now your device will be unlocked permanently.

If for any reason, your device does not ask for unlock code, then you can use Huawei modem code writer to card lock unlock tool to send the unlock code into your Huawei E8221, as well as Huawei E8231 WiFi Hilink Dongle.

Presently, there is no firmware available for E8221 and E8231, as soon as it will be available, I will upload it to the server.

You can get submodels of E8221 as E8221s or E8221S-1 and E8231 as E8231s or E8231S-1, unlocking procedures are same for these as mentioned above.

Note: Unlock code of E8221 and E8231 are not free. Interested persons can pay through PayPal. While paying mention the IMEI in the transaction. Correct code will be emailed.


  1. I have a e8231s-1
    IMEI no 862869027019467

    Cellular is idea India

    It isn’t asking the code when switching Sim card

    Wat shall I do to get d code and how can I put em?

  2. Hi Kamlesh ji,

    I have a E8231 Tata Photon Max 3g wifi data card
    IMEI no 862869026260484

    need a unlock code
    please give me unlock code

  3. Hi Kamlesh,

    Please provide me the firmware code for below device and also let me know how to pay you to get unlock code for the Device.

    Device Huawei WiFi Data Card
    Model: E8321 S-1
    IMEI: 862869021734707
    Locked: Airtel

  4. hi actually i am forgetten my user name and password of my HUAWEI modem model:E8221s-1 how to rectify it pls help me. for every selection huawei modem is asking User name and pass word. Sim is Aircel

  5. Brought it in Mauritius with Emtel Network as Wifi Dongle ( Wingle ).
    imei : 862870021481430
    s/n : K7YBY15318000222
    MAC : 90671C896AOB

  6. hi kamlesh kumar
    i forgot my Huawei power fi E8221s-1 user id and password

    how can restore the default settings or resolve the problem

  7. hi kamlesh kumar
    i forgot my user id and password please tell me the solution

  8. Hello, please kindly help me with the unlock code

    Huawei Modle: E8231s-1
    imei: 867638021418487
    S/N: Z9X7S15C06005130
    MAC: 48DB50BFFD3E
    Network Pro: Globacom NG


  9. i have HUAWEI mobile broadband Wingle.
    Model: E8231s-1
    IMEI: 862869026829833

    I am not able to use this dongle neither with my vodafone or a jio sim inside it.
    i have been trying to use this but i forgot the password i had set while using it for the first time.
    Any solution to it, do let me know asap.
    My email id: nan***


  10. Excellent work, keep up the good work. I’ve tried the old code and new code, have 4 attempts left, and I’m unable to unlock the MTN modem.
    IMEI: 866457022954015
    Model: E8372h-153
    Thanks in advance


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