You can unlock your ZTE MF190 dongle of the Philippines totally free using DC-Unlocker. There is no credit required to unlock your ZTE MF190 3G broadband modem. Follow my instruction and unlock ZTE MF190 of the Philippines. After unlocking the ZTE MF190 3G dongle, you can use any other network provider SIM card anywhere in the world. There is no risk involved to unlock the ZTE MF190 data card, and there is no flashing required.


How to Unlock ZTE MF190 USB 3G dongle free (Philippines)?

1. Download DC Unlocker cracked version (DC Crap.exe software) from the link provided at the end of the article.

2. Now disconnect the internet and close the default dashboard/software of modem/connection manager, which is already running.

3. Now open extract ZTE MF190 Philippines USB 3G broadband Unlocker software using WinRAR in a folder.

4. Now run DCCrap.exe and choose the ZTE tab.

5. Now click on search.

6. Now, your modem will be detected by DC-Unlocker software.

7. Now go to the unlocking tab and click on unlock.

8. Now, your ZTE MF190 of the Philippines will be unlocked within a minute.

Note: Now, you will be unable to create a profile in the dashboard. Now download Join Air software to create a new network provider SIM profile and use the internet. Now your virtual CD-Rom and Micro SD Card slot will not work.

Download ZTE MF190 Philippines USB 3G Broadband Modem unlocker

(DC Unlocker cracked version with unlimited credits)

Update: The factory unlocks code of ZTE devices is available here.


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