I keep providing the unlocking solution for various modems and mobile phones. Time has again come to unlock ZTE G-N295 (Orange Sydney) mobile phone to unlock. ZTE G-N295 AKA Orange Sydney or Optimus Sydney is a touch screen mobile phone which has been made by ZTE company.
Unlock ZTE G-N295 / Orange Sydney Free with code
ZTE G-N295 / Orange Sydney can be unlocked easily without any dongle or box. You need only unlock key for this operation.

How to unlock your ZTE G-N295 / Orange Sydney mobile phone?

1. Find out the IMEI of your ZTE G N295 / Orange Sydney / Optimus Sydney (To find out the IMEI just type the *#06# on your phone and it will display the 15 digits number IMEI).

2. Now order an unlock code for your IMEI.

3. Now power off the ZTE phone and remove the SIM card.

4. Switch on the phone without any SIM.

5. Type *983*8284# on the screen.

6. Phone will prompt for “Password”. Enter NCK/NP Code which is provided by routerunlock.com.

7. Click OK.

A message should appear “Done”

Your phone is now unlocked forever and you can use any GSM SIM.

Order Unlock Code of ZTE G-N295 / Orange Sydney


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