I have already told that CDMA Workshop Tool is a great tool to unlock your all CDMA modems for free. Actually CDMA workshop is paid software but with the help of cracked version of CDMA workshop you can easily and free unlock your modem of Huawei and ZTE brands also. You can unlock ZTE 8720, ZTE 2766, ZTE 2746 and ZTE 2736 modems also free using the cracked version of CDMA workshop tool.
CDMA modems remains configured as non-ruim by default. But, it can work as ruim also. You just need to enable the ruim feature in your zte / huawei modem and you have done it.

Ruim – Removable User Identity Module

How to unlock ZTE 8720, ZTE 2766, ZTE 2746, ZTE 2736 modem Free :

1. Go at the end of the article and download CDMA workshop tool (Cracked version).
Note : Disable your antivirus till your modem is unlocked, because most of antivirus detects CDMA workshop tool as virus.
2. Now plug the modem and find out the com port on which your modem is connected.
Note : Right click on Computer and go to manage > Device Manager >Ports (COM&LPT) 
HUAWEI Mobile Connect – 3G Application Interface (COM[X]) …X is port no. Just note it down.
3. Now install and run the CDMA workshop tool which you have already downloaded.
4. Now set the COM port of your  ZTE 8720, ZTE 2766, ZTE 2746 or ZTE 2736  modem which you have noted down.
COM port selection
COM port selection
5. Now click on connect to connect your modem to com port and wait for a while till it gets connected.
6. After the  ZTE 8720, ZTE 2766, ZTE 2746 or ZTE 2736  modem is connected select the security tab and select spc. Input 000000 (six times zero) in the box  and click spc  and click send.
Send SPC Code
Send SPC Code
7. Now its will show a message as spc accepted.
8. Now go to other tab and in the RUIM section, select R-UIM only and click on the send button. This step will make your non RUIM modem to RUIM.
Changing of RUIM
Changing of RUIM
9. Now your  ZTE 8720, ZTE 2766, ZTE 2746, ZTE 2736 MODEM Modem has been successfully unlocked forever free of cost.

Download Cracked CDMA Workshop Tool Free

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