3 Carrier of Austria has launched a new ZTE router, calls it 3WebGate 3. It is basically ZTE MF283 and can be unlocked with a correct NCK. Once the device is unlocked you can use all other network provider SIM cards as well as the default.

How long we need to wait for an unlock code of ZTE?

The approximate delivery time for a ZTE unlock code is 1 to 24 hrs.

The average response time for a ZTE unlock code is 2 hrs (based on last 100 orders).

How to Unlock ZTE 3WebGate 3V WiFi Router?

1. Switch Off the ZTE 3WebGate 3 WiFi router.

2. Change the default SIM card with any another network provider.

3. Now connect the ZTE 3WebGate 3 to PC using USB cable.

4. Browse for its default IP address ( or

5. Login to the device with admin/admin.

6. It will open an NCK page.

7. Enter the unlock code which is provided by routerunlock.com.

8. Click OK.

9. Now your ZTE 3WebGate 3 is unlocked forever.

You can use any network provider SIM card from now.

Note: SIMlock code of ZTE 3WebGate 3 is not free. Once paid, correct factory unlock code will be emailed. Before making the payment, check out that device is asking for NCK as described above.


  1. why is it not working on 3G network??..if I set manually the router on a 3G network Mode there is no service appeared…Our place is not 4G/Lte coverage yet..what is the best firmware which 3G network still woring on this modem.I am from Philippines..But this modem is working on an LTE standard in our country any simcard it work but on an LTE signal only..


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