Idea cellular, Reliance communication, Vodafone, BSNL mobile, and Airtel have introduced their 3G services with Huawei modems. Idea has launched modems, in which we can use only Idea SIM card. Means, you can not use other SIM cards like Airtel, Aircel etc. But, after unlocking of the E1550 dongle, you will be able to use different SIM cards in Idea Netsetter. Users who have purchased E1550 3G modem may be facing the problem for unlocking his modem via my previous post.

Huawei E1550 offers HHigh-speed WCDMA /EDGE /GPRS, and can also be unlocked like other modems, but not through normal procedure. I mean E1550 Idea can not be unlocked with only unlock code, you have to update the firmware too.
Unlock Idea Netsetter E1550 Modem Dongle

How to unlock E1550 3G Idea Net Setter Modem Free?

1. Insert the Idea Netsetter to PC with default SIM card.

2. Let it install the default software of the modem.

3. Now close the software of modem.

4. Install Huawei firmware or E155XUpdate_11.608.14.15.311.B418.

Note: When it will ask for password then use firmware code from universal master code.

5. Now install Huawei Mobile Partner.

6. Now change the SIM card and again connect to PC.

7. Open Huawei mobile partner.

8. It will ask for unlock code.

9. Enter the code which you have generated from universal master tool.

10. Click OK.

Now your dongle is unlocked forever. Create a new profile and connect to the internet.


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