In this post, we will share the unlocking of Vodafone K3771 dongle. You can unlock it totally free, means there is no need to pay to anyone. Vodafone K3771 is rebranded dongle from Huawei make, hence Huawei NCK code will work on this.
Vodafone K3771 Modem Dongle Image

How to Unlock Huawei Vodafone K3771 Modem Free?

1. Download both unlocking software from the link which is provided at the end of the article.

2. Connect the K3771 modem to your computer.

3. Let the dashboard run automatically.

4. Disconnect the internet and close the dashboard / Vodafone Mobile Connect.

5. Now run Vodafone unlocking tool.

6. Now run Universal Master Code tool and put IMEI of your modem in Huawei tab and generate unlock code of your modem.

7. Now put generated unlock code into CardLock_UnLock software and click on OK.

8. Now you will get a message, your modem successfully unlocked.

Download Huawei Vodafone K3771 Unlocking Tool

Download Universal Master Code Tool


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