We keep guiding you to unlock various types of modems and routers, e.g., Huawei, ZTE, Alcatel, Micromax, Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, Tata Docomo, Tata Indicom, Reliance, Nokia, etc. Like various modems and routers, Pocket Vodafone 4G LTE WiFi E589 can also be unlocked for use with other network providers SIM. Only you have to follow some instructions, and at the end of the process, you will have an unlocked pocket Vodafone 4G LTE WiFi router E589. Then is no need to flash or upgrade the firmware to unlock Huawei E589.
Huawei E589 features
Huawei E589

How long we need to wait for a Huawei unlock code?

The approximate delivery time for a Huawei unlock code is 10 minutes to 8 hrs.

The average response time for a Huawei unlock code is 30 minutes (based on last 100 orders).

How to unlock pocket Vodafone 4G LTE WiFi router Huawei E589?

1. Ensure the device is charged and then switch off Vodafone Huawei E589.

2. Now, change the default SIM with other network providers’ SIM cards.

3. Switch on your pocket Vodafone 4G Huawei E589 router. It will display “Invalid SIM” after connecting to the PC.

4. Now, establish a WiFi connection to the device with your PC / IPAD / iPhone / Android device (as per your choice).

5. Now browse any website, and you will be redirected to

5. Log in to the device’s dashboard / WebUI, and it will redirect you to the unlocking page.

6. Enter the 8-digit unlock code and click Apply.


Log in to the device dashboard and go to Advanced Settings – SIM Settings – Unlock Device – Enter Unlock Code – Click on Apply. Now your Vodafone 4G LTE router (Huawei E589) is permanently unlocked.

Once your device is unlocked, you need to create a profile in your Vodafone 4G LTE router (Huawei E589). To create a profile in your Huawei WiFi / MiFi device, you can follow these guidelines.

Note: Don’t try free or wrong code into your Vodafone 4G LTE WiFi E589, otherwise it will be locked permanently.

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