I had already written an article about unlocking of Optus E188 Huawei Australian modem. As you may already know that Huawei modems comes locked to a particular network and can not be used with another network providers SIM cards, as we all know. Beeline in Uzbekistan has launched Huawei E188 3G USB data card and also can be unlocked like other modems. Uzbekistan Beeline E188 Huawei dongle has un-customised firmware and can be unlocked with a unlock code only. After unlocking your Beeline E188 dongle you can use any another network provider sim.

How to Unlock Uzbekistan Beeline E188 Huawei Modem?

1. First, go the end of the article and download the Huawei modem code writer tool.

2. Now close the dashboard / software / connection manager of your Uzbekistan Beeline E188 Huawei modem.

3. Now run the downloaded software.

4. Now you will see your modem IMEI in the front of IMEI :.

5. Now put the Unlock code in the “Unlock Code” box and click on OK button.

6. Now your modem will be unlocked forever.

7. Now you are ready to use your Uzbekistan Beeline E188 Huawei modem with any another network provider sim.

Note : You can purchase the unlock code in the cheapest rate from here.

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Download Uzbekistan Beeline E188 Huawei Modem Unlocker


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