Recently, Tre network has launched B153 in U.K. and Italy. Tre (Three / 3) network is very famous in Italy and U.K. (United Kingdom). Tre network provider keeps launching modems / routers / gateways / web cubes of Huawei. Recently I had written about unlocking of Italy Tre Italia B183 Huawei WebCube router gateway. Now you can purchase Huawei B153 Webcube router in Italy and U.K. by “Three” operator. Users can connect the Tre Italia (3) Huawei B153 light wireless gateway router webcube via Wi-Fi. It is also known as the successor of Huawei B183 WiFi router gateway webcube.

Huawei B153 Three Webcube
Huawei B153 Three Webcube

When you will detect your Huawei B153 router under DC Unlocker software , then you will get details as below :


Interface :
Model : B153
IMEI : ***************
Serial NR. : **************
Firmware : 1096.
Compile date / time : Sep 07 2011 21:28:43
Hardware ver. : WL1B153M001
Chipset : Qualcomm MSM6290


How to Unlock Tre Italia (3) Huawei B153 Light TRE Wireless Webcube of Italy and U.K.?

1. If you are connecting your Tre Italia (3) Huawei B153 light wireless gateway webcube router through USB then download code writer tool.

2. If you connect your Huawei B153 webcube through LAN cable then download FMC unlocker software from the link which is provided at the end of the article.

3. Now disconnect the internet and close every thing which is related to your webcube.

4. Run the downloaded software (FMC Unlocker).

5. Now detect your Tre Huawei B153 light wireless webcube through downloaded software (FMC Unlocker).

6. When the app will ask for for password, then use unlock code.

7. Now your Tre / Three Huawei B153 light wireless gateway Webcube router is unlocked forever.

Note : Don’t enter any free or wrong codes into your Tre / Three Huawei B153 web cube, otherwise it will be locked permanently. Pay 2.38$ through PayPal and mention model with IMEI in the transaction. Correct code will be emailed.

Another easy method for Unlocking B153 Huawei webcube – Today, I unlocked one Huawei B153 light web cube from “3” of Italy. On the B153 light web cube from “3” in Italy if you put another operator SIM and then connect to PC with WiFi then it will display the option to input the SIMlock code. Once the correct code entered, your device will be unlocked.


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