Unlocking of Huawei D100 (T-Mobile) is similar to DNA Finland D100 (D100T) and ERA Poland D100 (D100T). It can be unlocked by simply upgrading the firmware.

How to unlock T-Mobile D100 Huawei Wireless Router Gateway :

  1. For unlocking you need to download any firmware which are mentioned at below links:

Rest of the procedures are similar to other locked devices.

Once unlocked, you can use the following USB modems:

  1. Huawei E156 and E156G
  2. Huawei E160, E160G, E160E, E160X, K3565(-H)
  3. Huawei E169, E169G, E169V, K3520
  4. Huawei E170
  5. Huawei E172
  6. Huawei E176
  7. Huawei E1762
  8. Huawei E220
  9. Huawei E270
  10. Huawei E272
  11. Huawei K3715
  12. Huawei E1750
  13. Huawei E122
  14. Huawei E1550
  15. Huawei E180

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