Unlocking of Sony Xperia Z3 is now possible with NCK code. Now we can provide the factory unlock code (including NCK, SPCK, NSCK) of Sony Xperia Z3 phone. You might already know that if a smartphone is locked to a particular network, then you can not use it with any other network provider SIM card.

Once the phone is unlocked, you can use default SIM card, as well as another carrier SIM card also.

Unlocking of Sony Xperia Z3 by code is one-time work. It does not change any firmware or software, means you will not loose the warranty. Unlocking is permanent, means you have not to unlock every time you change the SIM card. In order to receive a correct network unlock code for your Sony Xperia Z3, you need to mention the 15-digit IMEI number. You can find the IMEI of your phone by dialing *#06# on dial-pad.

Note I: If your phone has dual-SIM, then only mention the first slot IMEI. Once code entered, both SIM slot will be released.

How long we need to wait for a Sony phone unlock code?

The approximate delivery time for a Sony unlock code is 1 to 15 Days.

The average response time for a Sony unlock code is 2 Days (based on last 100 orders).

Before placing an order at any server for Sony unlock code, you must check the unlock code counter status. Network counter that shows all 0 or 255 cannot be unlocked by code. If you will place the order, you will lose the money.

How to Unlock Sony Xperia Z3 with NCK?

1. Switch off the phone.

2. Change the default SIM with any another network provider and switch it On.

3. The display will prompt you to enter the unlock code / NCK / SIM Network Unlock PIN.

4. Input the unlock code, which is provided by routerunlock.com.

5. Now your Sony Xperia Z3 is unlocked forever to use with any SIM card.

How to check Sony Xperia Z3 code counter?

1. Switch On the phone without sim card.

2. Dial *#*#7378423#*#* as a phone number.

3. Select Service info.

4. Select SimLock.

5. If “X” is on Network, Network Subset or Service Provider and value is more than 0, you can unlock your phone.

Note: If “X” is 0 or 255, then the unlock counter is blocked and can not be unlocked. In such case, don’t place the order, no refund will be provided.

Another way to check counter for Sony phone

1. Turn on the phone whithout sim card.

2. Lock the screen.

3. Press the following sequence:

Menu, Back, Back, Menu, Back, Menu, Menu, Back

4. Select Service info.

5. Select SimLock.

6. If ‘X’ is on Network and value is different than 0 or 255 then you can unlock your phone.

Otherwise, it can not be unlocked by code. Don’t place the order.

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