Like Huawei, Novatel also supplies locked WiFi MiFi by some mobile network operators . In Novatel WiFi / MiFi 2372 router APN setting is blocked, so that no one can create a new profile under settings and one can not use another network provider sim on it. Means, after successfully unlocking of Novatel WiFi / MiFi 2372 router also you will not be able to use any another network provider SIM card. Hence, you need to install or flash Novatel WiFi / MiFi 2372 mobile router with generic firmware, so you can create a new profile after unlocking it, to be able to use another network provider sim on your Novatel WiFi / MiFi 2372 mobile router.
Novatel AT&T MiFi 2372
Novatel AT&T MiFi 2372
Note : The below procedure may make your Novatel WiFi / MiFi 2372 Router dead forever. So, do it on your risk. I am not responsible for any harm of your Novatel WiFi / MiFi 2372 Mobile Router.

How to upgrade the firmware or flash the firmware of Novatel WiFi / MiFi 2372 Router with generic firmware?

1. Sufficient charge your Novatel WiFi / MiFi 2372 router and make sure that no interruption should be in between flashing procedure of the Novatel WiFi MiFi 2372 router.

2. Connect to a Windows computer using a USB cable.

3. Install the proper drivers of your Novatel 2372 router to PC. When you will connect, it will automatically try to install the drivers on your PC, just you need to follow the installation.

4. Download the generic firmware from the link which is provided at the end of the article.

5. After downloading the firmware disconnect to the internet and close the software of Novatel WiFi / MiFi 2372 router if any running.

6. Now unzip the downloaded firmware upgrade file.

7. Now double click the firmware upgrade file to flash your Novatel 2372.

8. After successfully firmware update installed, power off Novatel 2372 router and just disconnect the MiFi from the PC.

9. Now uninstall the original connection manager / dashboard / software from your PC.

10. Now switch on your Novatel 2372 MiFi router and connect again to PC using WiFi.

11. Now open any web browser from PC and type the default address of the device. Login into Novatel 2372 router with default password ‘admin’ (without quotes).

12. Now you will see the generic Novatel connection manager interface is working properly on your Novatel WiFi / MiFi 2372 Router.

13. Now create a new profile as per your sim and enjoy.

Download the firmware upgrade of Novatel WiFi / MiFi 2372 Router Free


  1. sorry to say ; but what you suggest here is only boiled shit . its not true. upgrading will not unlock network on this crazy mifi2372 . please be honest. first try it .and then offer to others!


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