I had already unlocked Huawei B683 and now Mobily SA locked B683 of Saudi Arabia is also supported. Various routers that come with USB port like E5331, E5332, E5776, E5830, E583x, E585u-82, E585, E586, E587, Huawei E612/E618 and various other R series routers like R201, and R210; Huawei B683 gateway can also be unlocked easily. But, to unlock Mobily SA B683 Huawei WiFi gateway, Huawei modem code writer, and CardLock Unlock tool does not work. Unlocking of B683 3G WiFi router gateway is possible but through FMC unlocker software.
Download FMC unlocker to unlock routers through LAN Port
Download FMC unlocker to unlock routers through LAN Port

How to Unlock Mobily SA B683 Huawei Saudi Arabia WiFi Router Gateway?

1. Download FMC unlocker software.

2. Now disconnect from the internet and eject the router from PC.

3. Run the FMC unlocker.

4. Connect Mobily SA B683 Huawei WiFi router gateway to PC using LAN port.

5. Detect the B683 Mobily SA in FMC Unlocker.

6. It will show the IMEI of your device.

7. Now put unlock code as password and click on unlock button.

8. Once your Mobily SA B683 Huawei router accepts the code, it will be unlocked forever.

9. Now create a new profile according to the SIM card and connect to the internet.

Note: Don’t use any free/wrong codes into Mobily SA B683 Huawei Saudi Arabia WiFi router gateway, otherwise it will be locked permanently.



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