We have written many articles for unlocking Huawei Modem through various types of software. In some unlocking software was involved, in some unlocking dashboard was involved, but today for unlocking Idea NetSetter Huawei E162G there is no any software or dashboard is required. You just need to change a file in your computer and you have done it.
Unlock Idea NetSetter Huawei E162G without any tool
Only you need to do some tweaks in deviceinfo.xml file. For changing these file you have to go to C:Program FilesIdea Net Setter folder and open Deviceinfo.xml file and find these lines

Change SimLock=”Y” to SimUnlock=”N” in first line and save file to desktop or somewhere else because it is write protected file and then replace Deviceinfo.xml file with your edited Deviceinfo.xml file and your idea netsetter is unlocked on that PC for ever. 

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