Idea had earlier launched Huawei B310s-927 which comes with firmware version 21.313.03.00.356. It can be easily unlocked by unlocking tool which is developed by our team. Once the Idea B310s-927 is unlocked, you can use the default as well as another network provider simcard too.

Note: This solution will work on Idea B310s-927 only which comes with firmware version 21.313.03.00.356. If your router firmware version 21.318.01.01.356 then proceed with this steps.

How to Unlock Idea B310s-927 (Firmware 21.313.03.00.356)?

1. Download the Huawei B310s-927 unlocking tool.

2. Now open the screws of the Huawei Idea B310s-927 router.

3. Solder the cables as mentioned here.

4. Now run the unlocking tool.

5. Copy the hardware ID and pay Rs. 600 at payumoney.

6. Once the correct amount will be paid, I will email for hardware ID.

7. Once the hardware ID will be received, our team will email with registration details.

8. Now connect Idea B310s-927 router with USB cable to PC.

Note: It will create two COM port, you can check in device manager. If it is in yellow color, then install the drivers.

9. Now run the “B310s-927 firmware” file.

10. Let it also complete.

11. Now run the DC unlocker software.

12. Detect the device under it.

13. At the end of the result, paste the following:


14. Press Enter from the keyboard.

Note: Response will be OK.

Now your Idea B310 router has been successfully unlocked to use with any network provider simcard around the world.

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