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How to Unlock Airtel and Idea B310-927 CPE Cat.4 LTE Router (Firmware Ver. 21.318.01.01.356)?

In India, Huawei has launched B310, which is currently available through Airtel (21.318.01.02.284) and Idea carriers. Idea locked Huawei B310-927 comes with two firmware ver 21.318.01.01.356 and 21.313.03.00.356. These devices do not ask for unlock code after changing the SIM card and without changing the firmware unlocking is not possible.
Update: Airtel B310 can be unlocked without opening the screws. The solution is ready and available for shopkeepers only. For unlimited computers and unlimited unlocking it will cost you Rs. 10000. It will work with all Airtel Huawei B310 firmware version including 21.311.03.00.284 and above. Interested person can contact us.

If Huawei B310 device is not asking for unlock code then you have to change the firmware, and also if you want can use generic WebUI.

This procedure is risky and any mistake makes your device dead, so be careful while unlocking.

Arrange one USB 2.0 cable; if not then you can also use cut wire of mouse or keyboard. Dismantle the Huawei B310s-927 and solder wires as shown in below image. Solder the cables on opposite side of USB 2.0 port to the motherboard of the device.

solder wires of Huawei B310Note: Don’t make any mistake. Use the corresponding cable to solder with the board as shown in above image.

If you have successfully done steps then you are now ready for proceeding with next steps.

Unlocking will be done remotely. For a single router, the remote unlocking charge is Rs. 800.

Users who want the full unlocking solution needs to pay Rs. 10,000 or 150 USD.


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