MTC, also known as MTS, has launched two data cards MTS 824F and MTS 824FT in Russia; which is basically Huawei E3272. You may find Huawei E3272 Beeline, Megafon E3272 in Russia as well as Altel E3272 (HiLink) in Kazakhstan.

Huawei 824FT MTS Data Card
Huawei 824FT MTS Data Card

Huawei E3272 has various sub-models and some are:

E3272s-153: (FDD 800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz) – MTS (824F), Megafon (M100-4), and Beeline E3272 (HiLink).
E3272s-210: (FDD 800/1800 / 2600 MHz & TDD 2600 MHz) – MTS (824FT)
E3272s-600: (FDD 900/1800/2100/2600 MHz) – Kazakhstan Altel (HiLink)
E3272s-927:(TDD 2300 MHz)

These all the dongles of Huawei make – MTS 824F, MTS 824FT, E3272 Beeline, Megafon E3272 and Altel E3272. These have with un-customized firmware and can be unlocked with correct unlock code only. If someone found the dongle with customized firmware then can refer free download links of firmware and software updates of Huawei E3272, which may be useful for you.

Unlocking of these modems (MTS 824F, MTS 824FT, E3272 Beeline, Megafon E3272 and Altel E3272) are easy and one time work, and after unlock you have freedom to use any network provider SIM.

To unlock this dongle, just change the default SIM with any another network provider sim and dongle ask for unlock code/password. Put the correct unlock code and enjoy the unlocked modem, anywhere in the word.

Note: Unlock code charge for MTS 824F, MTS 824FT, E3272 Beeline, Megafon E3272 and Altel E3272 data-cards is 6 USD.

Order Unlock Code of Huawei MTS 824F, MTS 824FT, E3272


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