MTN carrier of Ivory Coast is providing Huawei E5573 (E5573s-856). It has firmware version After trying the various firmware, I found only two is working, Huawei E5573s-856 Update (Universal) and Firmware Update Huawei E5573s-856 21.315.15.00.00 General. Both files get successfully installed in the device. After installing these files, the device is working fine. Other firmware’s are either giving error 19 or error 17.

Huawei E5573

Here are E5573s-856 router details:

Found modem : E5573s-856
Model : Huawei E5573 (untested)
IMEI : 866837021119761
Serial NR. : TBCDW15916001734
Firmware :
Dashboard version : WEBUI_17.
SIM Lock status : Locked (Card Lock)
Wrong codes entered : 0 (unlock attempts left : 10)

Huawei E5573s-856 comes with Algorithm v4 and without activating the serial port, unlock code can not be generated. To activate the serial port, it needs a firmware like Huawei E5573s-856 Update (Universal), but it could not succeed.

If any person has the device, then can try out the firmware from this link. I will update the post if I get any other solution. If you have any idea let me know.

Update: The final solution is only shot the board with boot pin and then install the firmware. I did personally in Huawei E5573s-606 (Smart Tanzania) that was carrying firmware version and software / WebUI

Update II: E5573s-856 (Globe Philippines) is also possible to unlock after the boot shot. It comes with firmware version and WebUI In similar ways, shot the motherboard of E5573s-856 (MTN Ivory Coast) and upload the bin file as described in the boot shot method. Once bin file is uploaded, update the device with firmware v21.315.15.00.00.

Note: IMEI will be erased and you will see 00000000. It will be fixed after paying 6 USD. For payment, you can use PayPal button of this website.

Update: MTN Cameroon has launched Huawei E5573s-856 with firmware version, WebUI and hardware v CL3E5573SM02. Now MTN has updated the device firmware version to 21.319.01.01.225 and WebUI

Update: Use boot shot method and USBLoader Huawei E5573s-856 to unlock E5573s-856 router.


  1. I successfully shot the motherboard of my E5573s-856 and update with usbloader.bin (for E5573s).

    But when I try to install a firmware of E5573s, I get “error 12: couldn’t retrieve device info”.

    I can’t update my device with any firmware. I get always error 12.

          • I already know it already, it’s just the term we use is jumper or magic point when we unlocked the new B315s-936 v21.313, also no com port so we use what you call boot shot to detect. But I have a doubt to unlock my e5573 since I read the other post about the imei/sn issue. I only need to get the hash code to unlock but if that’s the case, I think I’ll just wai. 😀

            Thanks for this info.

              • I’ve gone ahead since I already broke the seal but I have trouble in drivers, mobile partners’ driver doesn’t work and the hilink v5 too. I tried FC_Serial_Driver_Setup.exe that I got from unlocking b315s,it’s detected as FC-PC UI interface,tried to send AT command but no response as well as updating the firmware,same error from above comments error 12. Battery led fading on/off after loading the usb bin from balong. I’m going to clear all the drivers first and go back from start.

  2. Same with macclann comment. Modem is dead after loading the bin file in balong. Although I still can boot shot and load usbloader. I’m just wondering about the com port, is it really FC – PC UI interface?

  3. My device is same e5573s-856 globe philipine model but after boot shot and loader.bin write unable to write any firmware to the device error 12. I have downloaded the webui as stated above but unable to load it to device error 12. Now my device can not boot just blinks and stays on for some seconds then reblinks.

  4. Hello, is it possible now to unlock the smart tanzania mifi router e5573-606 with firmware without the shot the board method?

  5. hello sir i have tried updating the device but i got error 12 unable to get device information. it really hard to load a firmware into this device. Please if there is any other way to load firmware into the device i will be please if you share.

  6. Device name: E5573s-856
    IMEI: 866837022995185
    IMSI : 624020436485806
    My number: 655428347
    Hardware version: CL3E5573SM02
    Software version:
    Web UI version:

  7. Hello help here a getting wrong password when using this update Huawei E5573s-856 Update (Universal) please can you tell me why i am getting that error and how to go about it. thanks on advance.

  8. Hello I am finding it difficult to update, when I insert the flash code you gave to me it say wrong password I should retry its remaining 2 try so I don’t know what am doing wrong please I need your help on this thanks.

  9. I will need your help sir, I have used the firnware aHuawei E5573s-856 Update (Universal)above to update my moden , it is say wrong password failed trying 2,please I an comfused what can I do I need help badly. Thanks.

    • You are confused with firmware and unlock code. There are two different things in Huawei. For E5573 without changing the firmware it is not possible to generate the unlock code, that’s why this much big instructions are written over the post.

  10. Please sir i need for help i have my device huawei E5573s_856 witch i want to unlock it so that it takes all sim;
    imei: 866837023101775

  11. Salut Kamlesh Kumar,

    Ravi de savoir que quelqu’un s’y connait bien,

    J’essais de désimlocker mon Huawei E5573s-856 et la j’ai le code d’erreur 13 “echec de mise a jour, le modem ne cesse de clignoter. Ceci après la commande AT^GODLOAD pour permettre de sauter l’etape du mot de passe “DATALOCK CODE” demandé chaque fois que j’essai de faire la mise a jour.

    Please bien vouloir m’aide a résoudre ce problème.

    IMEI : 866837022476061
    Firmware :
    Dashboard version : WEBUI_17.
    Web UI version : WEBUI_17.
    SIM Lock status : Locked (Card Lock)

  13. Device name: E5573s-856
    IMEI: 866837023268814
    IMSI : 624017502025285
    My number: Unknown
    Hardware version: CL3E5573SM02
    Software version:
    Web UI version:
    LAN MAC address: 48:DB:50:CF:2C:1F
    WAN IP Address: Unknown

    Please need to Unlock SIM card

  14. Hi i tried to flash my huawei E5573s-856 ‘s firmware but the datalock code (66582182) provided by universal master code refused . Need help
    Device infos
    Found modem : E5573s-856
    Model : Huawei E5573
    IMEI : 866837022467383

  15. please i want to unlock a device with shot boot method with details Huawei E5573s-856 with firmware version, WebUI with the shot boot method. i want to know the specific firmwares and webui to use for the process. I have tried a few firmwares but was not succesful.thanks

  16. hi. my modem is dead, huawei e5573-856 , i have use all the method in this site, but still the same error 12 coming. now am confuse. what’s the next step

  17. Found modem : E5573s-856
    Model : Huawei E5573 (untested)
    IMEI : 866837022502643
    Serial NR. : TBCDW15B23011820
    Firmware :

    i need the flash code .universel master code not working universel master code give : 66787514

      • Hello please i just downloaded the two firmwares yu posted and when i want t o flash modem there r asking me for “DATALOCK CODE”
        I tried the flash code of my modem bt it didn’t work ..
        so please how do i go about getting this datalock code?
        my device is same of this tutorial,E5573s-856-cameroon
        thanks .. here r my device info
        IMEI : 866837022456873
        OLD / NEW ALGO FLASH CODE : 33564263(this is the flash code i used)
        Help please!

  18. Hello there, I have a modem with the details below, and I really want to unlock it, in order to use the modem with other mobile companies. Is there any way to do so?

    Please help me…!!!

    Modem details:
    Device name: E5573s-856
    IMEI: 866837024697102
    Hardware version: CL3E5573SM02
    Software version: 21.315.15.00.225
    Web UI version:

  19. Please i need help. I have boot shot my device succeful, but when I want to update the device i get error 12. what’s solution please!

  20. Hello and thanks for the nice tutorial.
    MTN Cameroon please for unlock code.

    Device name: E5573s-856
    IMEI: 866837024703868
    IMSI : 624042714998385

    Hardware version: CL3E5573SM02
    Software version: 21.315.15.00.225
    Web UI version:

  21. ===================================================================

    DC – Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.1341

    Detecting modem :

    selection :
    manufacturer – Huawei modems
    model – Huawei E5573 (untested)

    Selected Applications port COM17

    Found modem : E5573s-856
    Model : Huawei E5573 (untested)
    IMEI : 000000000000000
    Serial NR. : 0123456789ABCDEF
    Firmware :
    Compile date / time : Sep 7 2015 20:38:59
    Hardware ver. : CL3E5573SM02
    Dashboard version :
    SIM Lock status : unlocked
    Wrong codes entered : 0 (unlock attempts left : 10)


    help please

  22. Hi.I have mtn nigeria 4g lte modem e5573Cs-322. Pls can I use bin file of e5573s-320, and webui of e5573Bs-320? Imei = 861791030337143. Model = E5573Cs-322. Tanx.

  23. I tried every solution available here and every other page…tried it with other laptop as well…no luck…error 12 when downgrading/flashing after loading usbloader…Please help…e5573s-856(Globe Philippines)

  24. Hey Kamlesh Kumar thanks for your efforts at helping us unlock our modems. i used the boot short method and now i cannot flash any of the firmwares; i get error 12 each time i try. i also need to know the difference between the boot mode and normal mode . thanks

  25. Am from Cameroon, i don’t know if Huawei E5573s-856 Update (Universal) firm ware can unlock my huawei router.
    my device model is E5573s-856 and IMEI is 866837022522179

  26. Hello guys!! please i still got this same problem and need Your help to desimlock my haweii E5573s-856!! The IMEI is 866837026183093 software version 21.319.01.00.225 and the !! thanks

  27. model: e5573s-856
    Item: 51071GBG
    IMEI: 866837024765164
    S/N: TBCDW161260533

    Please help me to onlock this modem wifi. from MTN-Cameroun

    i want onlock code and other aproprited sofware to onlock it. thanks

  28. Hi sir
    please i wish for the code

    Device name: E5573s-856
    IMEI: 866837026123032
    IMSI : 624017500106542
    Hardware version: CL3E5573SM02
    Software version: 21.315.15.00.225

  29. hello sir
    please i will need your help on E5573 huawei mifi
    i watched a video which gave me directions as to open and loop the device while i connect the cable to it
    and also run file and load did all what it asked me to do
    buh i no all i can see when it connect is an empty browser
    buh when i type in i see the dashboard
    also find it difficult to give it a new IMEI and S/N

    help me please
    we can remotely help

  30. Please a need firmware code for E5573-856.
    I used firmware E5573-856_update_21.

  31. Sorry this code didn’t give.i test it.before that they asked me datalock code.i saw that you wrote if datalock code so no that?any solution?

    • For datalock there is no solution, I can unlock it remotely, but the charge will be 10USD, you need to open the screws of the device. Windows 7 or XP PC is required. You can connect me on weekends.

  32. Hello,

    I have a modem Huawei E5573s-856, locked to the operator is MTN in Cameroon. The IMEI is 866837023290438. I would like to unlock it. Can you provide me the unlock code and a tutorial to do it?

    Thank you very much.

  33. Hello

    I have tried Huawei_E5573s-856_TCPU_Update_21.315.15.00.00_general. it appears the messagebox “DATALOCK CODE”. when i put the flash : 58380671, it shows your password is wrong.
    Please i need your help
    There are my device informations :
    Device name : E5573s-856
    IMEI: 866837024348987
    IMSI: 612051438683222
    Mon numéro: Inconnu
    Version matérielle : CL3E5573SM02
    Software version : 21.315.15.00.334
    Version IU Web:
    Network : MTN IVORY COAST

  34. Hi Router unlock!!! Please help me, I’ve an MTN Huawei E5573s-856 from Cameroon with this IMEI: 866837023178898 please I need the unlock code to use any SIM career

  35. I just,got into possesion two huawei E5573s-856 wifi routers but both have the same carrier (MTN cameroon) and the unlock attempts left is Zero, and it does not display the communication port.] I need help.

  36. Hi,
    please help for Unlock: E5573s-856
    Provider: MTN Cameroon
    IMEI: 866837022450447

    DC – Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.1375

    Detecting modem :

    selection :
    manufacturer – Huawei modems
    model – Auto detect (recommended)

    Found Applications port COM11

    Found modem : E5573s-856
    Model : Huawei E5573 (untested)
    IMEI : 866837022450447
    Serial NR. : TBCDW15B23006600
    Firmware : 21.319.01.01.225
    Dashboard version : WEBUI_17.
    Web UI version : WEBUI_17.
    SIM Lock status : Locked (Card Lock)
    Wrong codes entered : 10 (unlock attempts left : 0)

    For unlock, may require firmware change, check tutorial or contact support

  37. I’ll be back once again after my post on December 9 ( 8:29 pm)

    I tested Firmware E5573s-856_Update_21., Huawei E5573s-856 Update (Universal) and Firmware Update Huawei E5573s-856 21.315.15.00.00 General.

    I bypassed the data lock screen in the Huawei firmware update by this command (


    But, I can’t update my device with any firmware. I get always Error code:13, Update failed

  38. Hi sir my modem permanently locked. Plzz tell me how to remove permanent lock.
    Model : huawei mtn e5573s-856.

    Please help me can i remove permanent lock. Any methode you have

  39. please i always have error code 13, update failed. when i try to update firware
    in balong i have that error: 0000: ED 05 FA 53 C0 *í.úSÀ
    manufacturer – Huawei modems
    model – Auto detect (recommended)
    Found Applications port COM6
    Found modem : E5573s-856
    Model : Huawei AuthVer 4 modem (New)
    IMEI : 866837026168185
    Serial NR. : TBCDU16328007840
    Firmware : 21.328.62.00.225
    Dashboard version : WEBUI_17.
    Web UI version : WEBUI_17.
    SIM Lock status : Locked (Card Lock)
    Wrong codes entered : 10 (unlock attempts left : 0)
    Can you help me plz to unlock??


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