After the launch of E3276, E3331, E5372, E3256, E303, E3131, E1780, E5373, E173Cs-1, E353 etc hi link and WiFi data cards, Huawei has recently launched Huawei E323s 4G TDD – LTE USB Data Card Dongle in the market. Huawei E323s is world first 4G TDD LTE USB data card. Huawei corporation suggests to use E323s-41 / B522s-41 / B593s-42 / B593s-58 / B222s-40 / B222s-41 / B222s-42 / B222s-42A / B890-65 / B5142 / B2268 4G TDD LTE devices to get better performance.

Huawei E323s USB Dongle
Huawei E323s USB Dongle

The main features and specifications of Huawei E323s 4G TDD – LTE USB Data Card:

  1. It supports Altair FG3100 Chipset / Platform.
  2. UE category is LTE Cat 3
  3. Frequency supported: TD-LTE@B38(2600MHz)
  4. Download Speed up to 68Mbps and upload speed up to 17Mbps
  5. It comes with Built-in Omni antenna
  6. No software installation is required
  7. Plug & play
  8. Bandwidth supported: 20MHz/10MHz
  9. MIMO: TM1/2/3/7
  10. Tx Power: 23 +/- 2 dBm

How to Unlock Huawei E323s 4G TDD – LTE USB Data Card?

1. Plug the device to Windows PC using USB cable.

2. Now let it install all the drivers and software which is required by the E323s 4G TDD dongle.

3. Now close the software and browser (if already opened) and eject the E323s 4G modem from the PC.

4. Now change the default sim with another network sim in E323s modem.

5. Now it will ask you unlock code/password.

6. Put the correct unlock code and click on ok.

7. Now, if you will enter the correct unlock code then your E323s broadband 4G USB data card will be unlocked.

8. Now create the profile as the network provider sim and it will be unlocked forever.

Note: Don’t enter any wrong code into your E323s 4G Data-Card, otherwise your E323s device will be locked permanently.

Order SIMLock code of Huawei E323s


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