Huawei E3131 modem is now so famous that T-Mobile has also launched its sub-model E3131s-2 in the United Kingdom, Holand, and Croatia. Recently Tigo network has also launched Huawei E3131s-6 modem in Bolivia. Huawei E3131 (E3131s-2) dongle of the United Kingdom, Holand & Croatia, which is locked by T-Mobile network, also comes with un-customised firmware and can be unlocked via unlock code and unlocking software only. Means there is no risk of firmware flashing. You have to only follow some instructions and you need Huawei new Algo unlock code of your IMEI.
Orange Huawei E3131 Modem Unlock
Huawei E3131 Modem Unlock

How to unlock Huawei E3131s-2 Data Card of U.K, Holand & Croatia (T-Mobile):


1. Download Huawei E3131 (E3131s-2) dongle unlocking tool from the link which is provided at the end of the article.

2. Disconnect the internet and change the default SIM card with any another network provider sim.

3. Again connect the modem to Windows PC or laptop.

4. Let it launch the software of the modem.

5. Now it will ask you NCK / unlock code / password.

6. Just enter the 8-digit NCK / unlock code and your Huawei E3131 (E3131s-2) modem will be unlocked forever.

In case, the device does not prompt for unlock code then close the branded software / ‘Huawei mobile partner’.

Run the unlocking tool and detect your dongle under the tool. When the software will show the IMEI of your device, then just put 8 digit unlock code in “Unlock Code(6-8 digits):” box and click on OK button. Now your modem is unlocked forever.

Note : Don’t try any free / wrong codes into your Huawei E3131 (E3131s-2) modem of the United Kingdom, Holand & Croatia of T-Mobile network, otherwise it will be locked permanently. Just pay through PayPal button of this website and mention model with IMEI in transactions. It will be delivered via email.

Download Huawei E3131 (E3131s-2) Dongle unlocking software


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