Recently, Huawei has launched E3121 in the Russian market with the help of MTS network and in India, the same model of Huawei E3121 has been launched in the open market. Today, I am writing the unlocking procedure of Huawei E3121 customized firmware modem. Russian MTS E3121 Huawei modem comes with un-customized firmware and there is no need to flash it. Russian MTS E3121 Huawei dongle can be unlocked with only unlock code. Additionally, If you have any problem in using unlock code then you can refer this article.

Huawei E3121 Modem
Huawei E3121 Modem

How to flash the firmware of Huawei E3121 Modem?

1. Download the correct firmware (You can use Indian OpenMarket firmware) from the link which is provided at the end of the article.

2. Now plug your Huawei E3121 dongle to Windows PC and let it install all the software and drivers.

3. Now disconnect the internet and close the software of data card.

4. Run the downloaded firmware update.

5. Now it will ask you password (firmware code).

6. You can generate the firmware update from this link.

7. Input the password in firmware update wizard and wait till finish.

8. After flashing the firmware update, you can now unlock your Huawei E3121 customized firmware modem through the normal procedure which is mentioned above.

Note: Don’t use any free or wrong unlock code which is generated by Universal master code software. Huawei E3121 modem comes with new Algo and it can not be unlocked with old Algo NCK.

Order Unlock Code of Huawei E3121

Firmware of E3121 Huawei dongle:

Download CD Content Huawei E3121 (MTS Russia) 48.8 MiB
Download Firmware Huawei E3121 (MTS / MTC Russia) 8.4 MiB
Download Firmware Huawei E3121 (Indian OpenMarket) 8.4 MiB


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