I had previously also written that Huawei E303 modem is worldwide famous and in various different countries Huawei has launched E303 modem with different bands.

Recently Huawei has launched E303u series WiFI modems in various countries, which list is provided below :


  1. E303u-1 Nigeria Etisalat
  2. E303u-1 Bahrain STC
  3. E303u-1 Nigeria Globacom
  4. E303u-1 Vietnam Mobifone
  5. E303u-6 Georgia geocell
  6. E303u-6 Uruguay claro
huawei e303u modem
Huawei e303u modem

As you can see in above list, E303u has been launched with different bands in different countries with differents network. In Nigeria Huawei E303u-1 launched with the help of Etisalat network, In Bahrain E303u-1 launched with STC network, In Nigeria E303u-1 also launched with Globacom network, E303u-1 launched by Huawei in Vietnam with Mobifone network, In Georgian E303u-6 launched by Geocell network and E303u-6 launched by Claro network in Uruguay also.


The above mentioned all models of Huawei brand can be unlocked easily with Huawei new Algo unlock code and unlocking guide. Users who want to unlock his Bahrain E303u-1 STC, Nigeria E303u-1 Globacom, E303u-1Vietnam Mobifone, Georgian E303u-6 Geocell, E303u-6 Claro Uruguay can refer E303 unlocking guide.


You can download the firmware update of E303 Huawei modem from here.


Note : Unlock code for Huawei new Algo modem is free for E303u modems. You can get the correct code by commenting below with model and IMEI.