Unlock Huawei E226 3G USB Modem Free – Generally Huawei modems comes locked to a particular network and one can not use any another network provider sim on it without unlocking it. 90% of Huawei modems can be unlocked with the help of unlock code only. But Huawei E226 3G USB modems comes with customised firmware and it can not be unlocked without any firmware upgrade. First you need to flash your modem with unlocked firmware and then after that you can unlock your modem with the help of unlock code and Huawei modem code writer tool. All required software download link is provided at the end of the article.

Step by step guide to unlock Huawei E226 3G USB Modem Free :
  1. Download all required software to unlock Huawei E226 modem from the download link which is provided at the end of the article.
  2. Now run Universal Master Code software and generate the flash code and unlock code of your IMEI.
  3. Now close the dashboard and run firmware upgrade file.
  4. Now firmware upgrade process will ask you for password.
  5. Just provide the flash code as password.
  6. Now wait till your modem fully flashed and you will see finish.
  7. Now click on finish.
  8. Now close any running dashboard / connection manager / software of modem and run the Huawei modem code writer tool.
  9. Now detect the COM port of your modem through code writer tool and click on unlock button.
  10. Now put unlock code in text box and click on OK.
  11. Now update the dashboard with the link which is provided at the end of the article.
  12. Change the sim with another network provider sim.
  13. Create a profile as per your network provider sim.
  14. Connect to the internet.
  15. Now your modem is fully unlocked for use with any another network provider sim.
Download Huawei E226 Firmware
Download Huawei E226 Firmware version 11.310.16.03.149.B409
Dashboard Update E226 Modem
E226 Mobile Partner Software for Windows

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