Before this, I have provided you the solution to unlock E3131 Croatia T-Mobile Huawei 4G modem and HR VIP Croatia Huawei B260a WiFi Gateway. Various users unlocked his modem with the help of mentioned software and unlocking tricks. Today, I want to share the solution to unlock Huawei E173 T-Mobile Croatia modem. Unlocking of Huawei E173 T-Mobile Croatia is also same as I had mentioned in Huawei E3131. Just follow the simple guide which is provided below and withing a few seconds you will be able to use another network provider sim in your locked Huawei E173 T-Mobile Croatia, after unlock.

CardLock UnLock
CardLock UnLock

How to Unlock Huawei E173 T-Mobile Croatia Modem?

1. Download Cardlock Unlock tool and the latest Huawei mobile partner from the link which is provided at the end of the article.

2. Now plug the Huawei E173 T-Mobile Croatian dongle to PC (make sure there should no another modem connected to PC).

3. Let it install all the software and drivers which is required by PC.

4. When software of Huawei E173 T-Mobile will open, just close it (If internet is connected then disconnected then close the software of T-Mobile).

5. Now run the downloaded Huawei E173 T-Mobile Croatian data card unlocking software.

6. Detect your modem under the unlocking software.

7. When unlocking software will show your modem IMEI , means it is detected by the unlocking software.

8. Now put 8-digit correct unlock code and your Huawei E173 T-Mobile Croatian modem will be unlocked forever.

9. Now run the latest Huawei Mobile Partner software and update your modem.

10. Now change the SIM and create a new profile as per the network provider SIM.

Now you can easily connect to the internet.

Order Unlock Code of Huawei E173

You can find out various countries network provider firmware updates from this link. Only update the firmware, if you are facing error in mobile or you know what you are doing.

Download Cardlock Unlock Tool (Huawei E173 T-Mobile Croatia Modem Unlocker Software)

Download latest Huawei Mobile Partner


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