Like Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone and Idea network providers; Reliance also keeps launching new modem of Huawei and ZTE brands. Recently the firm has launched Huawei E173 in India. Since it is locked to Reliance carrier, you can not use it with any another network provider without unlocking. Huawei E173 is a 3G USB modem which supports up to 7.2 Mbps download speed and 5.7 Mbps uploading speed. It comes with un-customized firmware and can be unlocked easily with correct code.
Reliance E173 Huawei modem dongle
Reliance E173 Huawei modem

How to unlock Reliance Huawei E173 3G Modem?

1. Note down the 15-digit IMEI number of your Huawei E173 reliance modem.

2. Now run Universal Master Code Calculator to generate flash and unlock code of your IMEI.

3. Now plug the Huawei E173 Reliance dongle to your desktop/laptop.

4. Let it install all the drivers which are required to run it properly.

5. Now close the Reliance branded Huawei mobile partner if it is running.

6. Download and run the firmware E173Update_11.

7. It will find your data card automatically.

8. Follow the screen and when it ask password then use flash code which you have generated through Universal Master Code Calculator.

9. Click Next.

10. After a few second your modem will be updated with un-customised firmware.

11. Now install Huawei Mobile Partner in your PC.

12. Once installed, open the Huawei mobile partner.

13. It will ask for 8-digit unlock code.

14. Enter the code which you had generated before.

15. Click OK.

16. Once dongle will accept the code, it will be unlocked permanently.

17. Create a new profile according to the SIM card and connect to the internet.



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