Today we have got the solution for Idea Huawei E1550 modem which firmware version is 11.608.14.00.356 (Build: Dec 18 2009 13:07:35) and 11.608.14.15.356 (Build: Jul 28 2010 13:57:15). Indian Idea E1550 modem comes with customized firmware and needs to flash it with un-customised firmware, then only you will be able to unlock your Huawei Idea E1550 India dongle. You need three software to download which link is provided at the end of the article.
Unlock E1550 modem
Unlock E1550 modem

How to unlock Huawei Idea E1550 India Modem firmware 11.608.14.00.356?

1. Download all the required software which are mentioned in the post.

2. Now run the universal master code software and generate the flash code and unlock code for your Idea Huawei modem and note it somewhere.

3. Run the E1550 firmware update and use the flash code as password.

4. Wait till finish screen.

5. Now run the Huawei Code Writer tool and select the COM port and enter the unlock code which you have generated earlier.

6. Click “OK” button and your modem is unlocked forever.

Note : While flashing your data card, make sure computer should not off or dongle should not be ejected from PC, otherwise, it will be dead forever.

Download firmware E1550Update_11.609.20.03.356.B427.exe to unlock idea India modem

Download Huawei Code Writer Tool

Download Universal Master Code Software


  1. mine didn’t ask me for password when installing firmware but will not accept the unlock code after install

  2. My previously unlocked e1550 was worked for all of the 3g GSM Sims. but it shows only mobile signal and does not connect to any network 2g or 3g.
    And showing error 628 and 619 . Please help me to solve it


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