Like various other routers which come with USB port like Huawei E5331, Huawei E5332, Huawei E5776s, Huawei E5830, Huawei E583x, Huawei E585U-82, Huawei E585, Huawei E586, Huawei E587, Huawei E612/E618 and various other R series routers like R201, R210, Unlock Huawei  can also be unlocked easily. But, to unlock ERA Poland D100 (D100T) Huawei Wireless Router Gateway, Huawei modem code writer and CardLock unlock tool software will  not work.

How to unlock ERA Poland D100 (D100T) Huawei Wireless Router Gateway :

1. Download the unlocked firmware from the below link.

2. Extract it in a folder.

3. Make sure your PC and D100 / D100T are plugged into a constant power supply.

4. Switch ON the Huawei D100 and connect it to the computer through its Ethernet cable.

5. Launch FmcUpdate.exe from the extracted folder.

6. Click the “Check” button to detect your Huawei D100 and shift it to update mode.

7. Click the “Upgrade” button to start the update.

8. Wait till the progress is accomplished.

9. Once firmware updated successfully, disconnect the Ethernet cable and push the reset button of the Huawei D100 (in the lower right corner of the backside) or factory restore defaults in the web interface.

To reset, open from your browser and enter “admin” as default password. Go to Advanced Settings > System > Restore Defaults > Restore.

Note: After the update of the firmware, without resetting, your USB modem won’t be detected properly and the “Connection” page will say “The USB Modem is nonexistent”.

10. Connect your USB modem to the Huawei D100 port, when it’s switched off.

11. Turn ON the router and go to from your browser and enter “admin” as password.

12. To activate an access profile for your network operator, go to Advanced Settings > Dial Up Settings > Profile Settings and chose preferred provider from the Profile List.

Note: If your provider’s settings are not included, just create a new profile by entering a Profile Name and input all the required information, and click on Save.

13. Go to Advanced Settings > Dial Up Settings > PPP Settings and make sure the correct profile is chosen in the Profile List.

Now your router is ready to share your broadband. Note that your USB modem should also be unlocked.

Download Huawei D100 Firmware 396. (DNA Finland)

Download Huawei D100 Firmware 396. (Era Poland)

Download Huawei D100 Firmware 396. (DNA Finland)

Download Huawei D100 Firmware 396.

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