In the market, Huawei has launched so many modems for different types of network. For various modems unlocking solutions we have provided in my blog. Most of the Huawei new Algo modems are un-customised and can be  unlocked directly with the help of unbranded mobile partner software and new Algo unlock code. So, there is no need to write the separate articles for every type of modems and routers.
Orange Huawei E3131 Modem Unlock
Huawei E3131
All below-mentioned modems of new Algo can be unlocked with the help of this article.

Supported Huawei Modems / Dongles :


  1. Huawei E261
  2. E1731
  3. Vodafone K3771
  4. Vodafone K4510
  5. Vodafone K4511
  6. E880
  7. UMG366 (T-Mobile JetTM 2.0)
  8. Huawei E158
  9. E188
  10. Vodafone K3770
  11. E353
  12. E398
  13. E367
  14. E372
  15. E1732
  16. E3121
  17. Huawei E3276
  18. E355
  19. Vodafone K3772
  20. E3231 HiLink
  21. SoftBank 005HW
  22. SoftBank AP01HW
  23. E157
  24. E3526 HiLink
  25. E3131
  26. E397
  27. Huawei E366
  28. E303 HiLink
  29. E353 HiLink
  30. E173 (Megafon Russia)
  31. E392
  32. Emobile D24HW
  33. E188 Optus Australia
  34. Vodafone K3806
  35. Vodafone K5005
  36. E357
  37. E303
  38. E368
  39. Vodafone (Huawei) K4605
  40. D03HW
  41. E192
  42. E271
  43. E261
  44. E1731
  45. Vodafone K3771
  46. Vodafone K4510
  47. Vodafone K4511
  48. E880
  49. UMG366 (T-Mobile JetTM 2.0)
  50. E158
  51. E188
  52. Huawei Vodafone K3770


Above all mentioned modems can be unlocked without flashing with any firmware, as it comes with uncustomized firmware.


Modem Unlock code charge is 1.50$. To purchase unlock code of modems you can contact


Note – E303 Glo and E303 Idea can not be unlocked with above-mentioned articles steps.

Routers come with different types but can be unlocked like this article.

Routers are different than Huawei modems and it can also be unlocked. I have also codes of all Huawei Routers, gateways, wingles, etc.


Supported Routers / WiFi / MiFi / Gateways / Wingles :


  1. B933
  2. E586
  3. E585U-82
  4. B220
  5. Vodafone R201
  6. E5332
  7. E560
  8. B683 – unlock by network cable
  9. B660 – unlock by network cable
  10. Huawei HW-01C
  11. B593
  12. Vodafone R210
  13. B115
  14. Vodafone R205
  15. E5331
  16. E587
  17. B933
  18. E586
  19. E585U-82
  20. B220
  21. E5776
  22. E5830
  23. E585


Above all routers can be unlocked with the provided article above.


Except the above-mentioned routers new released routers / gateways / wingles codes also can be provided by me.


Router unlock code charge is 2.38$. To purchase unlock code of routers you can pay through PayPal button of this website.

Note : There will be no refund will be provided any mistakes. I also purchase from other servers and I pay for each code. So, there is no refund.


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