As you already know that Huawei has launched E5776 model wifi device in various countries with the help of network provider. Huawei E5776 WiFi MiFi can be unlocked with the help of unlock code only. You can find the unlocking instructions of Huawei E5776 at here.

huawei e5776 4g mobile wifi router gateway
Huawei e5776 4g mobile wifi router gateway

Supported Huawei E5776 WiFi MiFi which can be unlocked using unlock code:


  1. E5776s-32 Sweden
  2. E5776 Koweit Zain
  3. E5776s-32 Hungary Telenor
  4. E5776s Slovenia Mobitel
  5. E5776s Hungary Telenor
  6. E5776s-22 Deutschland T-Mobile
  7. E5776s-32 Holland KPN
  8. E5776s-32 Hungary T-Mobile
  9. E5776s-32 Austria A1TA
  10. E5776s-32 France Bytel
  11. E5776s-32 France Orange
  12. E5776s Portugal Optimus
  13. E5776s France SFR
  14. E5776s Poland Polkomtel
  15. E5776s Hungary T-Mobile
  16. E5776s Austria(A1TA
  17. E5776s Portugal TMN
  18. E5776s Russia MTS
  19. E5776s France Bytel
  20. E5776 Bahrain Batelco
  21. E5776 Germany DT
  22. E5776 Norway Netcom
  23. E5776 France Orange
  24. E5776 Belgium A&C
  25. E5776 Oman Nawras
  26. E5776 Iceland Nova
  27. E5776 Sweden H3G
  28. E5776 Kuwait KTC
  29. E5776 Belgium Mobistar
  30. E5776 Oman Omantel
  31. E5776 United Arab Emirates Etisalat
  32. E5776 Columbia UNE
  33. E5776 Portugal Optimus
  34. E5776 SFR France
  35. E5776 Portugal TMN
  36. E5776 Slovenia Mobitel
  37. E5776 France Orange
  38. E5776 Singapore M1
  39. E5776 Kuwait KTC
  40. E5776 Greece Cosmote
  41. E5776 Great Britain EE
  42. E5776 Australia Optus
  43. E5776s-32 Poland Polkomtel
  44. E5776 Danmark Telia
  45. E5776 Finland(Elisa
  46. E5776 Denmark H3G
  47. E5776 Spain Orange
  48. E5776 Romania Orange
  49. E5776 Bahrain STC
  50. E5776 Nigeria Spectranet
  51. E5776 Brazil Vivo
  52. E5776 HongKong PCCW
  53. E5776 Malaysia Maxis
  54. E5776 Iceland Nova
  55. E5776 Kuwait KTC
  56. E5776s-32 Kazakhstan Altel
  57. E5776s-32 France Bytel
  58. E5776 Chile Entel PCS
  59. E5776 Uganda Orange

The above-mentioned device comes locked to a particular network and it can not be unlocked without correct NCK / unlock code. You can order the unlock code in the cheap rate. While paying mention model and IMEI in the transaction, so that correct code can be delivered via emailed.

You can also download the unlocked firmware of Huawei E5776 WiFi MiFi from here.

Additionally, you can also download the German E5776 WiFi router firmware from this link.

Order SIMlock or Unlock Code of Huawei E5776

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