I have already provided the unlocking solution of Huawei E3272 LTE Cat4 USB stick, Megafon M100-4 (Huawei E3272) Russian modemHuawei E5170 (E5170s-920) Spectranet Nigeria WiFi router, and Huawei mobile WiFi E5372 of Smart Philippines. I have unlocked one Huawei E5170 of T-Mobile locked successfully. Recently, Huawei has changed his technology totally new and regular router unlock code which I was providing in only 2.38$, does not work in these Huawei E5170 and Huawei E5372 WiFi routers. Additionally, I was providing Huawei new Algo unlock code in only 1.50$. Various users unlocked his different types of modems, dongles, routers, wingles, and gateways in cheap rates. But, when I am talking about Huawei E3272, Megafon M100-4 Russian, E5170, E5372, above mentioned both unlock code will not work.

Huawei modems
Huawei modems

After a few struggle, I got success in finding the solution for unlock code of Huawei E3272, Megafon M100-4 Russian, E5170, E5372; but it’s costing me more and so now I can not provide in less than 6 USD to international users and in Rs. 300 to Indian users. Interested users can pay at here. There will be no (R) no refund will be provided for unlock code of Huawei E3272, Megafon M100-4 Russian, E5170, and E5372.

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