Huawei has recently launched E8372h and E8372s 4G LTE wingle. If your E8372 is locked to a particular network and you can not use any another network provider SIM then you must want to unlock it. Unlocking is simple and one-time work.

Huawei E8372


If your device is Huawei E8372s, then just change the default SIM with another carrier SIM card and plug it to PC. It will automatically redirect you to the unlocking page and will ask you for SIMLock / unlock code. Just enter correct NCK / unlock code in the box and click on OK, the device will be unlocked permanently.

Additionally, you might be interested in dashboard / WebUI and Firmware update also:

Download Firmware with WebUI Update Huawei E8372h-927 (Normal)

Download Firmware with WebUI Update Huawei E8372h-608 (Normal)

Download Firmware with WebUI Update Huawei E8372h-608 (Normal)

Download Firmware with WebUI Huawei E8372h-510 (Normal)

Download Firmware with WebUI Huawei E8372h-153 (Normal)

Download Firmware with WebUI of Huawei E8372h-153 (Normal)

Firmware / WebUI / Dashboard changing is risky and may it dead your device. While updating the firmware, it may ask you password, generate the firmware code from universal master code tool.

Note: Don’t try to use the unlock code which is generated by universal master code software. It generates old algorithm code and does not work with Huawei E8372h and E8372s devices. There is no direct way to generate the unlock code of E8372H modems (E8372s code can be directly generated), means you have to flash the firmware first with universal firmware and needs to generate the NV Hash code. Then pay 6 USD in PayPal and mention model with IMEI in transactions and same time email me NV hash also.

Order Unlock Code of Huawei E8272s

Some of the posts where NV Hash code generating process is explained:

  1. How to unlock Huawei E8372h (Azerbaijan Baku) firmware
  2. How to unlock MTS 8211F (Huawei E8372H) modem of Russia
  3. How to unlock Huawei E8372h-608 Altel of Kazakhstan


  1. hello! Brother i want to ask which algo does it take for unlock? v1,v2,v3 are not working on it ? calculated using dc unlocker ?

  2. Change of firmware and webui cannot lead to unlock it, I have tried but failed to unlock it, v1,v2,v3 codes are not working on it even after change of firmware and webu. It seems as Huawei has changed algorithm in this model

  3. Everyone knows its easy to unlock but it is not accepting code of v1,v2,v3, Muhammad Nadeem Danish If have unlocked warid LTE wingle please share your experience about its unlocking

  4. Well, I tried 3 codes:

    Model No. : E8372


    NEW ALGO CODE : XXXXXXXX (Attempt 1)

    OLD ALGO CODE : XXXXXXXX (Attempt 2)

    FLASH CODE : XXXXXXXX (Attempt 3)

    They all failed, leaving me with 7 more attempts, so I am now hoping that you can come up with a solution.

  5. WARID LTE Wingle 8372h doesn’t allow ZONG 4G LTE but working on 3G.

    Any solution to that ? Any dc Unlocker Command or something. Even in 4G Zong and its working on Note4 but not in Warid Wingle.

  6. Send me your IMEI Number & get Unlock code withinn 5 minutes with unlock process ..
    Only Huawei Devices not other Brands

    Contact : Inbox me at facebook

  7. Can i install E8372h-608 in Huawei E8372h-153 because i think it freezes d device and can anybody give me network monitoring application for huawei E8372

      • Dear I hv Installed E8372h-608 in 153 model but No success with 4G networking it only Shows Connected no browsing and downloading i also have used Following command AT^DATALOCK? in response it shows ^DATALOCK:1 and used this AT^DATALOCK=”my OEM” and got response ^DATALOCK:0 OK! in Dc unlocker But every time i unplug the it gets reset ^DATALOCK:1 and there is no browsing and downloading while using 4G but 3g of all network works very well

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  10. yr Kamlesh bhai mene Huawei ka general WEbUI update kya pr usme ak masla h i Am not able to use ussd commands to check balance. Can YOu please custom mod it For using ussd commands i had previously WebUI From Zong and i could use USSD Commands my device is huawei E8372h-153.
    I found general WebUI from Here and istalled this
    Download Huawei E8372h WebUi General

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    Unlocking for all zong 4g / warid/ mobilink / telenor

    ptcl evo unlock nahy ho gye

    100% unlocking karwao all model devices

    gar bathy bathy he rabta karye ap ko kahye janye k zurat nahye

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    apny usb k info mujy send ksro ma call pe hy ap ko unlocking kawao ka

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    plzz not asking ptcl wingle evo unlock

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  12. Hello Kamlesh After successful Boot pin metoot in e8372-153
    frimware installing is giving error 13
    Error Code:13,Update Failed

  13. Now I have install firmwares
    And firmware is
    Web ui
    But it is not giving me WiFi hotspot and not giving me signal of WiFi in mobile.

  14. It is showing in device manager
    1: application interface
    2:application ui

    After installing webui and firmware but why not working.

  15. Hi. I have the huawei e8372. He has no connection manager ?.You can use it with moble partner or some similar program?Thank you

  16. Hi. I have the huawei e8372.
    He has no connection manager ?
    You can use it with Mobile Partner or some similar program?
    Thank you

  17. You’ve done the test?
    We need to open the browser to connect?
    I feel uncomfortable.

    Maybe there are some compatible program, some universal manager or something?

    Thank you

  18. I mean that is required to open the browser every time?
    if I want to use the Internet to update a program: I have to open the browser?

  19. Kamlesh Sir ! I Need E8372h-153 Webui with USSD , Manual Network Band Selection , SIM Toolkit . Backup Restore Option and rssi cell id . or any other webui with all these options can be flashed to E8372-153.
    THANK U in Advance Sir . Waiting for your Reply

  20. Hello
    Dear Kamlesh
    I have a e8372 (no e8372h or …)
    Software version: 21.318.01.00.00
    Web UI version:

    Its unlocked and I only want to have ussd in it.
    Is there a way to do that?

    Thanks in advance


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