In this post, you will find the unlocking process of B593u-12 Kuwait Zain Huawei Wi-Fi router. Huawei B593u-12 Zain Wi-Fi router can be unlocked easily with some tips and tricks.It comes with uncustomized firmware and there is no need to flash the firmware. Only you have to follow some simple instructions to unlock your Zain B593u-12 WiFi router.
Huawei B593 LTE wifi router gateway
Huawei B593 LTE wifi router gateway

How to Unlock B593u-12 Kuwait Zain Huawei Wi-Fi Router?

1. Connect Huawei B593u-12 Zain Kuwait Wi-Fi router without SIM card to PC with RJ45 connector.

2. Now open default browser Internet explorer in your PC and type in the address bar of your Internet Explorer.

3. Login to the router and now you will get a window of SIMlock.

4. Now put the unlock code which you have got in email after making payment at

5. Click on Apply.

6. Now your router will be rebooted and it is unlocked forever.

Note: Don’t enter any wrong password / unlock code into your Zain B593u-12 Huawei Wi-Fi router, otherwise it will be locked permanently.

Order Unlock Code of Huawei B593


  1. I have a B593u – 12. I tried with without success. I need help because of if I introduce a new SIM ( another operator) it is needed to insert a code with 8 digits. Please allow me to get unlock code in order to change SIM with another operator. B593 IMEI is 868031004340473. Unfortunately I have not paypal account. I thank you in advance for any help/support you could give me …

  2. Linux; search for ( Huaweiunlockcodecalculator )I cant mentioned exact website here but they have free calculator and that worked for me very well you can try that.


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