Huawei is a big brand and it keeps launching different models in the market with different network providers. Before a few days it has lauched E1782 Braodband modem in Australia with Optus network. Now, I can provide the unlock code of Australian Optus Huawei E1782 broadband wireless 3G USB modem also. Unlocking of Australian Optus Huawei E1782 broadband wireless 3G USB modem is easy and there no flashing / firmware update is involved. You can refer my earlier article “How to know Huawei Mobile Partner Drivers Version installed in your PC“. I have also provided solution to Repair Huawei E3276 Dead Modem Using Firmware Upgrade Free. You can read Huawei E5786 Mobile WiFi Router Features and Specifications, which has been recently launched by Huawei.

Huawei E1782 Dongle
Huawei E1782 Dongle

Step by step guide to unlock Australian Optus Huawei E1782 broadband wireless 3G USB modem :


  1. Download the Cardlock unlock tool (Huawei E1782 unlocking tool) from the download link which is provided at the end of the article.
  2. Now, change the default sim with another network provider sim.
  3. Now plug the Broadband dongle to PC and let it install all the software and drivers which is required by the data-card.
  4. Now it will automatically open the Optus software and ask you for unlock code / password.
  5. Put the correct unlock code and it will be unlocked forever.
  6. If it doesn’t prompt for unlock code then close the software of Broadband data-card.
  7. Now run the unlocking tool which you have downloaded earlier.
  8. Now detect your E1782 dongle under unlocking freeware.
  9. When your USB modem IMEI will be visible in unlocking software means your modem is detected by unlocking tool.
  10. Now put the correct 8 digit unlock code and click on OK.
  11. Now your modem is unlocked forever.
  12. Now create the profile as per new network provider sim and connect to internet.


Note : Unlock code charge is 2.38$ which you can pay for router code through paypal buton. After making payment mail in with transaction to get the unlock code.


Download Cardlock unlock tool (Huawei E1782 unlocking tool)