Alcatel Y859 is a new 4G LTE router. It comes with 1800 mAh battery. Unlock code of Y859 is now available. If your modem is locked to a particular network, then after unlocking you can use any another network provider SIM card in it.

How to Unlock Alcatel Y859 Hotspot Router?

1. Switch off the Y859.

2. Change the default SIM with any other network provider.

3. Connect to PC with USB cable or WiFi.

4. Login to the device with admin/password.

5. Click on “Connection” menu.

6. It will ask you for 10-digit NCK code.

7. Enter here correct SIMlock code.

8. Click Apply.

9. Now your device is unlocked forever.

Note: Don’t try any free or wrong code in Alcatel Link Y859 MiFi router, otherwise it will be locked permanently.

Order SIMLock/NCK of Alcatel Link Y859

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