Unlocking of Alcatel Y800B is easy and one time job. Means if the device is asking for NCK, then you can use it with all SIM cards, once the Y800 is unlocked. Once the router is unlocked, you can use default SIM card as well as other operators. There is no need to input the code again and again after changing the SIM card.

How to Unlock Alcatel Y800B MiFi Router?

1. Insert any another Network provider SIM card than the default in Y800B.

2. Establish a WiFi connection to the device with your PC and browse to its default IP address into the Internet Explorer browser.

3. It will prompt you to login into the Alcatel Y800B.

4. Username and password are written on the back side of the router (You can also try username: admin/password: admin).

5. After login into the device, it will prompt you for an NCK / Unlock code.

6. Enter the correct 10-digit code and device will be unlocked forever.

7. Now, reset the Alcatel Y800B and create the profile according to the new SIM.

Note: Unlock code of Alcatel Y800B is not free.

Order SIMLock/NCK of Alcatel Y800B

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